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Jannik Morlandt

The Things I Have Done
To get to the short and sweet of it, I had a master lined up for Jannik. We were just getting started, got our first thread up, got a few posts in, but now due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm left without a dedicated trainer. So, here I am.

To give you the basic jist of what Jannik will turn out to be, as a Jedi - he's a seer, primarily. He'll not be combat-oriented, unlike a good handful of my other characters over the years, at most learning one form and working hard to be good at that one form. His strengths, it will be found, lie in other areas, largely in 'Sense' abilities, but also to varying degrees in 'Alter'. This is my most basic, bare-bones plan for him. There is a little more, but I'll leave that to whomever this captures the interest of. So if I might tickle your fancy, let me know, either here and/or in PM. :)

Oh, by the way, I am in that 'Tython: Jedi Academy' thread, for the time being. So's you know. ;)