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In the Eye of Flames [OOC Discussion]

Darth Hauntruss

Wraith of the Sith
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"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
And the oldest and strongest kind of fear, is the fear of the unknown"
-H.P. Lovecraft​

So, my other Lords of Shadows stuff has been lost. But, do not despair, the perennial faction of chaotic evil is still around. In fact, it has been re-activated; the doors to the dark fortress of Aza'Zoth has been opened, the fires of the Dark Forge re-kindled and the dark creatures that lurk in its depth awakened. Upon the opening of Aza'Zoth Val'Ryss unleashed a sudden dark tsunami in the force. In a sense a dark call that beckoned those touched by the dark-side to come to her side and become her servants. The followers have been chosen and the darkness unleashed. Indeed, a dark imbalance has appeared in the force but its origins is unidentifiable.

So with that I am opening the Lords of Shadows to anyone who wants to RP with them. [Currently I am re-submitting the important places of the Lords of Shadows: Aza'Zoth and Eye of Flames Nebula] But, I am going to use this thread to info-dump some of the basics of these strange and horrific worlds. I would like to, if-possible, do a thread were some traders/anyone comes across a SD or Freighter that has been corrupted by Val'Ryss and has mutated monsters aboard them, near the Eye of Flames (hence the thread title). Or if any of you Jedi Shadows wanna take a stab in actually traversing the dark-side black hole that is Eye of Flames go for it.


The Elder Ruins Sector:
All the weird worlds and nebulas are found in this sector. The Sector gets its name from Old Republic traders that came across its ancient and dark remnants that lurked inside, hence they called it the Elder Ruins Sector. Generally a place to be avoided and not mentioned by traders, explorers and vagrants.

The Eye of Flames Nebula
Nebula Type: Dark Nebula
Sector: Elder Ruins Sector
Abridged History: [More detailed hist to be added to profile soon...]
The Eye of Flames was once a binary-star system (Two-Star Helio-Centric system). There were two stars, and eight planets. Millennia before any civilization came across the system one of the larger stars began to devour the other. The effect was felt in the force and in the physical realm. In the physical realm, the smaller star went super-nova and exploded in a cataclysmic ball of doom, that destroyed most of the planets- except for three, one of which becomes Aza'Zoth (homeworld of the Lords of Shadows). In force, a wound was opened by the devouring of the other planets and star. The larger star, in its devouring, became a ferocious center of the dark-side. In other words a natural nexus of the dark-side erupted from this violent natural act. As a result the nebula omits a foul dark-side aura. (This very same aura is what attracts the fore-runners to the Aza'Zoth Cult Lords of Shadows). Inside the nebula there is a constant imbalance which causes frequent nebula storms (natural force storms) and solar flares. Inside force users are thrown about in a nauseous confusion as they are bombarded with dark-side energy. Only those that are bond to the darkness of Aza'Zoth can navigate the nebula, as they use Aza'Zoth as a force reference point as to not get lost in the darkness (that is of course if you know of its existence, which only those of the Lords of Shadows do). Throughout Galactic History most traders, explorers and vagabonds have avoided the nebula. Only the Rakata centuries before, dared enter and used the Nebula as a place to exile criminals of the Infinite Empire. The Rakata would come to name the evil star that ate the other star, Haelos Morgül- The Demon Star. Due to all this the nebula has been left alone for centuries and has kept the homeworld of the Lords of Shadows secret.