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In The Desert You Can't Remember Your Name (TSA Tournament: Lyra Naerys VS Eldaah Aderyn)

Once, it had been a beautiful planet of greens and blues. Filled with life until an outsider bombarded the planet to glass. Eventually, the glass eroded, and the desert planet of Tatooine was born. Or, so goes the local legend of the Sand People. Despite there being very, very few spots of natural water the Galaxy had flocked to it. Scum of all kinds could be found here, attempting to gain favor with the Hutts or simply hiding from galactic major powers. No one every went far from the towns however, for outside of them was an endless Dune Sea. Getting lost there was a death sentence.

Unfortunately for the two Sith who arrived, this was the fate waiting for them. [member="Lyra Naerys"] and [member="Eldaah Aderyn"] would not have had a comfortable ride here. They would have been drugged and kidnapped, and would find themselves abandoned in the desert with a datapad, their weapons, and their clothing. The datapad only had two things on it, a map to a spring nearby, and a message. 'Until one remains standing, you will never escape this world.' Thirst would be overwhelming here, as they had not been given a drink in twenty four hours.

Dehydration however was not the only threat they had however, for looming on the horizon was one of the galaxies most dreaded creatures. A watering hole in the desert was a place where anyone, or anything, would claim as their own to survive. Predators would stake out the place, eating those who would drink as a trap, and keeping the water for themselves. A Krayt Dragon, feared by the local sand people for it's monstrous size and resistance to weaponry from it's thick hide, had chosen to set this spring as it's trap.

Not only would the two have to fight dehydration and one another, they would have to do so while avoiding the Dragon, less they get eaten alive.
Equipment: Lightsaber, Armor

[member="Krest"] [member="Lyra Naerys"]

Groggily coming to, she silently cursed those beings who had abducted, drugged, and then deposited her on this backwater... backsand of a world. At least she had her weapons and armor... and a random datapad she didn't have before. She read the message, a scowl appearing on her face. Whichever Lord thought it fun to strand at least two people in the Dune Sea of Tatooine had just really irked her. She could feel her chapped lips, dry throat... between the drugs and the trip here she likely hadn't had anything to drink for a significant amount of time.

'Leave it to a Sith to do something like this,' she thought to herself, making sure her lightsaber was in working order. She had a bit of walk, and she was not looking forward to it. It would be a draining experience, and she didn't want to waste anymore energy than she had to. Her master would be rather cross with her if she deviated from that training, even in such circumstances.

The problem with a Tatooine watering hole, as she started her walking and thoughts, was that they were sacred to the Sand People. Not just the Sand People, but the creatures that called this desolate world home. Wraids, sand demons, krayt dragons, rontos... you know what, she would just stop listing them off. Suffice to say, everything native to this world was gonna try and kill you. And knowing that, and knowing this was a Sith challenge, there was going to be something unpleasant at this watering hole. Leaving a map almost guaranteed that... what fun, what fun.


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Weapon: Sith Sword (Img) | Armor: Cortosis Gauntlets | Attire: Dark Tunic, Leather Belt
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With a quiet gasp Lyra's body jerked awake, the first thing to claw at her senses the heat of the sand below her. Sand. Forcing her eyes open she immediately regretted it, the bright twin suns of Tatooine high into the sky. Where she was, she didn't know - the only thing she did know was that she was in the desert, that much was obvious. Her muscles ached, her head thrumming as she tried in vain to recall what exactly had happened, how she had gotten to where she was. With a frustrated sigh the girl gave it up, it was no use. The last thing she could remember was being on Oricon, and then here. She must have been drugged, even now her legs felt sluggish as she kicked herself to her feet, sand shifting as she stood.

She reached down, blinking as she massaged first her thighs, then calves. She made a grimace as she felt the blood once more begin to flow through her extremities. She licked her lips absentmindedly. It was hot. So was Oricon but even that was different than this. How long had she been out? The girl could only guess, but regardless she felt the sting of dehydration, the dry taste in her mouth unpleasant but familiar. Her mind was cast into the recent past, to her first arrival on the magma riddled moon of Oricon, her home. As Lyra began to take stock of her surroundings more completely she noticed she had her weapon with her, the sword which Lord Tirdarius had placed in her hands that fateful day of her arrival, during the initial tests he'd put her through to ascertain her worth, her potential. Much had been learned in that time between then and now, but there was so much more to learn - *perhaps this is just another test* - the girl thought to herself as she reached down to the sand. Her fingers found what they searched for, the scabbard which held her weapon, the Sith Sword. What was it that Tirdarius had said? It was simply an extension of the user, nothing more, nothing less.

An unfamiliar weight found itself resting against her thigh in the pocket of her short tunic, a datapad. Curious. Quickly buckling the belt around her waist and adjusting her tunic, Lyra reached into her pocket and retrieved the datapad, the message and map to a nearby spring confirming her suspicions, this was another test. The manner of test was yet to be revealed however, though by the wording she suspected she had been pitted against not only the harsh environment but an opponent. With few options but to endure, Lyra did a once over, rubbing her temples as she began to set off towards the direction indicated on her map. As she put left foot in front of right, she groggily began to focus her mind. Over the past weeks she had become adept at seeking out the Force, no longer requiring as much strain to simply reach out and touch it as she did now. Beginning to conceal her presence she imagined a wall, a shroud which she cast over herself - if she was picked up by prey it would be due to her physical presence, not that of the Force. Gritting her teeth and pushing off, she elected a winding route that offered her a modicum of shade as she passed large dunes, sand kicking up. Reaching up behind her head she unbound her hair, anything to help fend off the direct rays of the sun and protect her relatively fair skin from the sand as it cut through the air with every hot gust of wind.

[member="Eldaah Aderyn"]


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It had taken her some time to adjust, breathing carefully in through her nose and then out through her mouth. Moisture was something she couldn't afford to give freely at this point. It had been over twenty four hours since she'd had a drink, and while she had no way of knowing just how long it had been, she was familiar with the sensation. Setting her mind to the task at hand, time had passed since Lyra had first set out towards the indicated coordinates. She'd seen the outcroppings from miles away but it always seemed just beyond her reach. Despite the illusion she'd pressed on.

The girl hadn't believed it at first, simply written it of as an illusion of her mind. Licking her chapped lips she raised a hand to shield her eyes from the bright twin suns of the planet. *Twin suns... * She thought futilely to herself. She had not the experience nor the education to even begin to guess where she was or what planet or in what sector. There were millions of planets, probably hundreds of thousands of desert planets, and even of planets that boasted twin suns - but it wasn't relevant. Her attention had come to focus on the once small outcropping, jagged brown stone jutting from the depths of the sand, just beyond... a spring? The glint of light off the still water drew the girl's eyes like a magnet, her body desperate for the relief of shade and water, even boasting several small desert trees the spring was enticing. At first Lyra picked up her pace, her feet moving swiftly as she kicked up dust behind her - and then she hesitated.

Something there, on the edge of her consciousness, a subtle prick at the very corners of her mind. She was being impulsive, the natural drive for survival had almost consumed her. At what cost? Closing her eyes for a brief moment as she forced herself to a halt, Lyra breathed inward, then outward. She needed to remain focused, to remain aware of her surroundings. After a moment of catching her breath she started off again, this time slower, more cautious. She approached between two large rocks, almost a stone archway of sorts, the glistening water sparkling as it rippled. It took all of her discipline to keep from simply rushing in, engulfing herself in the pool's content - there was more to consider. The message had indicated that only one would walk away. There had to be someone else, something else here. It was the pinprick at the back of her mind, the corners of her consciousness earlier. It was here.

Narrowing her eyes, she carefully scanned her surroundings, piles of rocks littering the area, small areas of disturbed sand near the water - but no creatures. Was it the silence that had unconsciously tipped her off? Even now she heard nothing but the wind through the trees, sand whipping through the air. Likely the only source of water for kilometers she expected there to be some form of life, an animal, a bird - something. Instead she was greeted with silence. Moving forward cautiously Lyra slowly and quietly drew her blade from it's scabbard, holding it to the air as she approached the edge of the water. Toes nearly to the edge, she watched her surroundings with an anxiety she hadn't felt in a long time..

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