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In need of actual assisstance.

Zahori Denko
So far, everyone I've tried doing threads with to acheive a certain restricted item I need have failed to be of any help whatsoever. So I ask of the Chaos community for anyone willing to help me gain these things on my shopping list:​

  • Songsteel
  • Ultrachrome
  • Personal Cloaking Device
If anyone can help, anyone at all, I would much appreciate it. Thank you.​

Zahori Denko
@[member="Azara"] Perhaps. I'll wait and see if I need you, my apprentice.

@[member="Aronis Vilgar"] Good to hear. Just need one more person Vael is unfamiliar with to get the Ultrachrome.


That one kid
@[member="Vael'roth Kon"] I'm up for help in the Ultrachrome department.