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Approved NPC Imperial High Guard

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Priscilla Utorna

~lacking empathy~

  • Intent: To provide the Fel Empire's Government with a dedicated guard unit
  • Image Credit: Originally found on, Allen Ace Fortunato
  • Role: Security, Bodyguard
  • Links: N/A
  • Unit Name: Imperial High Guard
  • Affiliation: Fel Empire, The Noblius
  • Classification: Security, Bodyguard
  • Equipment: Per single individual
    Ceremonial Armor (Nothing special)
  • Vibrostaff
  • Blaster pistol

  • Availability: Uncommon
  • Deployment: Minor
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:
    [Strength] Disposable - Their entire function is to be disposable and put themselves in the line of fire for more important people to survive, so in that sense they serve their purpose.
  • [Strength] Intimidation tactics - Their training is usually dependent on winning without actually fighting, and the threatening appearance of their armor supports this.
  • [Weakness] Ceremonial - While being apart of the Imperial High Guard is a privilege, they are mostly ceremonial. Their training is rigorous, but they rarely ever see a combat situation thus leading to poor decision making in such.
  • [Weakness] Impaired - The heavy, bulking ceremonial armor is a real downside. It severely impairs both carrying capacity and agility.

The Imperium's High Guard consists of individuals selected from the Empire's military, not for combat efficiency but loyalty. Mostly containing indoctrinated youngsters who'll never know exactly why they were picked, the Noblius court requested a designated Guard unit for the country's representatives, and as such these unlucky souls were picked.

Or lucky depending on how you wanted to look at it.

Training generally requires around 6 months of dedicated, back breaking work and further indoctrination into the cause, and while the theory is good and all, very few actually get to apply it to a combat situation, given most Nobles aren't exactly ones for getting into street brawls on the regular.
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[member="Isabella LaFleur"]

Hi there,

This looks good, all I'd like you to do is directly link to the artist's page, and then I'll be able to stamp this.
The Golden Rule
[member="Isabella LaFleur"]

Thank you for the edit.

Just one more thing I saw looking over this again.

Isabella LaFleur said:
[Strength] Intimidation tactics - Their ceremonial armor is usually enough to deter any potential hostile combatant from picking a fight with them.
Please soften this language. It's fine stating the intended effect you'd like using it with the armor, but you can't determine the reaction of your opponents.
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