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Imperial Galactic Mining Corporation

Rise and Rise Again
Corporation Name: Imperial Galactic Mining Corporation
Headquarters: As a subsidiary of the Imperial Shipworks, the Imperial Galactic Mining Corporation's headquarters reside on Atrisia in the Imperial Tower.
Locations: Ongoing Mining Operation on Seltos (Neutral Space)

Operations: The Imperial Galactic Mining Corporation is a mining and ore smelting company, and undergoes the process of locating, securing, mining and processing mineral deposits and ores valuable to ship building and technologic R & D.
Rationale: Aditya Amadis, as CEO of the Imperial Shipworks, found a hole in the Shipworks' supply chain. Realizing they had the resources and engineering prowess to set down their own in-house mining corporation, she set to the task in collecting the Galactic Empire's promising geologists, gemologists, miners, smelters, technicians and laymen to the task of finding and obtaining ore & materials.
Tier: 2

Description: The Imperial Galactic Mining Corporation (IGMC) is a loyal subsidiary of the Galactic Empire's Imperial Shipworks. Tasked with locating and processing mineral deposits and ore for the Galactic Machine, the Mining Company is non-combatant and more interested in rich veins of mineral than razing worlds.

While dedicated to ecologically sensitive mining processes and mutually beneficial relationship building, the Corporation will continue to push until they get their veins. In this capacity, the IGMC is a friendlier front to the imperial majesty of its parent company, and is willing to cooperate with planetary governments, ecological initiatives and mutually beneficial arrangements in order to get the right vein of minerals they're after.

Although loyal to the Galactic Empire, and unwilling to negotiate with any who would do harm to the Empire, the IGMC is willing to negotiate with certain individuals outside the Galactic Empire Faction as long as the materials used and deals struck will not harm the integrity of the Empire.

As the IGMC grows (In IC threads & Dev Threads) they will begin to be equipped to handle rarer ores & more specialty smelting processes.

With a small fleet of standard mining vessels, scientific survey ships and on-planet & asteroidal mining equipment, the technology created for the IGMC is based solely on geologic exploration and mining. In the future 5 - 10 year plan, there is room to expand (given revenue upstream) to salvaging as well, but at the moment the newly started company (with resources from its parent organization)

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