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The Voice of Abbaji
Her partner was in one of her moods again.

The droid known as LE-03 was collating encrypted cell communications, applying her own random-variable algorithm before relaying them through the Abbaji network, when Na'an came into their shared quarters and slammed her palm against the closure pad.
Since the Eclipse Rebellion's failed attack on what she had believed was a Sith Lab, Leigh had taken over more than her fair share of the space given she did not even have a bed. Her workshop, previously cleared by a careless signature of the Empress, masked servers and storage and any extra processors her agents could smuggle into her partner's hands on the odd mission out. The droid was spending more and more time at the workshop, seemingly tinkering with the faulty balance on an experimental leg or calibrating the auditory circuits on a replacement ear.
In reality, she would be plugged in to more machinery than she had ever interfaced with before, her mind rocketing through space, bouncing from planet to planet and from cell to cell, constantly leaving layer after layer of security behind her. With the Empire suspicious that the Rebellion had a mole in their ranks, the Voice of Abbaji now had to be more active--and more cautious--than ever.

Hence all the active equipment.

Her partner, however, did not seem to mind the junk slowly filling their quarters. Leigh watched her cross the narrow path left to her bunk and flop face-first into the pillow, the soft fabric muffling her frustrated screams. The frustration was not new--the droid had been watching it build for a long time now--and most of its sources were things she could understand. The Empress bringing them to Kalidan, her subsequent marriage and near-total silence...the constant awareness that they could be caught and killed at any moment...the departure of Adelle Bastiel from their company...the constant one-step-forward, two-steps-back nature of Rebellion operations...any of these would be enough to drive any normal organic to distraction. Not that it had not affected Leigh, too. Na'an had had to stop her from overclocking almost as often as Leigh had had to force Na'an to sleep.

Those stressors were bad enough. It was becoming increasingly probable that living under all those stressors simultaneously was unsustainable.

However, Na'an had developed one other source of stress since their arrival on Kalidan. One that, to be honest, the droid struggled to understand. One that she had always struggled to understand.

She was, at least, smart enough to suspect that that was the subject that needed addressing right now. Leigh engaged a momentary logoff, disconnecting herself from the system and turning to Na'an.

"Another failure?"

Wanderer Lost, Wanderer Found
Na'an made a strangled noise into the pillow at the question.

"I don't get what I'm doing wrong!" she said, flipping onto her back. She rubbed furiously at her eyes with the heels of her palms, as if trying to dig through the sockets into her skull. "I'm Force Sensitive, right," she said, sounding furious. "Moreso now than I think I've ever been. I'm trained, I only try when I'm calm, I'm running marathons around the palace to keep myself focused, but it's not what it's supposed to be." Her palms curled up into fists, grinding against the skin in a way now definitely meant to be punishing. "I know it's not, and I'm driving myself up the wall."

Leigh made a small sympathetic noise, but didn't respond. That was fine. Sad, but fine. Na'an had tried to explain what she was doing to her before, but the droid only had an academic understanding of the Force. She sighed, dropping her hands to look up at the top of the bunk. "I wish you could have felt what it was like to be on that planet, Leigh," she said, her voice wistful. "It was..."
Na'an had only ever been to the unnamed world that was the Enclave's heart only once, entirely by accident. Even then, the visit had been short; there had barely been time for a single lesson from the old man that was the planet's only inhabitant. But the call..the feeling of the Force pulsing through every inch of the planet...it was so easy to conjure. The way it seemed to fold around you, warm and wild and breathing, the flowers whispering, the greenery yielding at a touch...the way even the Jedi ruins seemed to thrum with their own heartbeat...
"It's the most beautiful thing," she said helplessly. She was so bad at words when it came to the green planet. "It's what I believed the Force was, once, only real. And it gets inside you before you even know what you're feeling." She reached up over her head, watching her fingers flex as if reaching for some green vine that wasn't actually there. "It's like pure life seeping right into your blood. You're singing with it."

It was the closest she could come, but the word seemed appropriate. Ever since she had come back from the green planet, it felt like Na'an's body was singing with the Force in a way she'd rarely felt before coming to the Unknown Regions. Her mind seemed to jump ahead of her, making intuitive leaps and sudden choices she only dimly recognized as her own. Her body moved more easily than ever during the missions Leigh sent her on for the Eclipse, with barely any thought, as if the being wearing the mask were a Master rather than a failed Padawan. And always, on the edges, there was the sense of being barely separated from something massive, infinitely large, and if Na'an could only reach out and--and understand it--in a way more concrete than the blinding flash of Babylon, in a way that was real--

"I keep going back there in my dreams," she said suddenly, and chuckled. Without even looking, she knew what face Leigh would be making. Her droid partner had made no secret that she found the whole idea--of the green dreams, the green planet that never seemed to leave her--a little insane. "I know, I know, but think I am. I mean, I even see the old man there. I can't talk to him, but I can see him. But it's not enough. There's something I'm supposed to do with all this, something to do with the Empire, and I can't figure out what until I know what it is, but..."

And now they were back to the frustrating part. Na'an suddenly thrashed around to bury her face back into the pillow, her voice furiously muffled.
"Damn it, he told me I'd been called. He told me what to do. So why is this so hard??" She paused for a second before the other thought sprung unbidden to her lips.

"I bet it's not hard for Doc."