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IC News Bulletin

Darth Hauntruss

Wraith of the Sith
I was wondering, wouldn't it be neat if somewhere on the board there was an IC bulletin to inform players of major threads, i.e. skirmishes/invasions/incidents/genocides etc. It could be placed below the banner or near the shoutbox. Hell, could even make a ticker below the banner, call it Galactic News Ticker.

For example, recent destruction of the planets Rommamool and Osarian and Arkania going "dark" in communications. Or (In the past) Val'Ryss' destruction of Togoria or Battle of Metalorn could be major ticker news. The ticker could work very well as mechanic to keep RPer's in tune with the general meta-plot of the site and if need be show them where the threads that belong to this incidents are.

Thoughts? Feedback? Any and all are welcome.

The Hound

We used to have a couple of News Anchor characters
we even have a news station company...not sure if the guy is active anymore though...