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Approved Tech I7 Optic Overlay Lenses

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  • Intent: To create a means of replicating HUD function for individuals who don't wear helmets & providing an inconspicuous means for surveillance.
  • Image Source: X
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: New Imperial Order
  • Affiliation: COMPNOR, New Imperial Order
  • Market Status: Open-Market
  • Model: I7 Optic Overlay Lenses
  • Modularity: Lens colours are interchangeable
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Electronics, hydrophilic plastic
  • Classification: Contact Lens
  • Size: Very Small
  • Weight: Extremely Light
  • Allows what the wearer sees to be to be transmitted to screens or others with HUD.
  • Semi-Inconspicuous: Users can opt for lenses that match their natural eye colour or alternatively choose different lenses if trying to conceal their identity.
  • Real-time Information: Can access to the HoloNet and internal database systems.
  • Encrypted: The lenses are privy to highly-sensitive information so they are encrypted and difficult to slice into.
  • Easily Removable: Non-invasive and can be removed at any time.
  • Fuller coverage: Provides a larger scope of vision than HUD as it includes peripheral vision.
  • Evidence: Recorded data can be used as evidence against an incriminated individual.
  • EMP: Can be disabled by EMPs.
  • Not Totally Undetectable: There are certain functions which can be visibly detected by others, such as the overlay functions.
  • Disruption: While retrieving information through the lenses via slicing is exceptionally difficult, signals relayed from the lenses can be disrupted the same as any other communications device.
  • Small Memory: While equipped with a powerful memory core, due to the size of the lenses the memory is limited and can only store a few hours worth of recorded data.
  • Dependent: Not powerful enough on their own, the wearer needs a secondary device, usually attached to the belt, to connect the lenses to the HoloNet and the ISB internal database.
  • Intrusive: Giving access to the entirety of your vision can be intrusive for the wearer but it is not accessed without their knowledge.
The lenses were created as a means of providing operatives access to similar functions of an HUD without the need for a helmet, both in the field and undercover as the lenses allow for a certain degree of inconspicuousness. They allow agents access to sensitive intel relayed to them in real-time to optimise their ability to complete their job.

They also act as a means of surveillance using organic beings as hosts in situations where the use of droids would not be possible. Though the devices are still vulnerable to EMPs as droids are, they are intended to provide an advantage by allowing the wearer to blend in with a situation where a droid cannot.

Data recorded can be transmitted to a designated monitor to be viewed in real-time or recorded but the lenses themselves have limited internal storage capacity. This information can then be used against individuals who have incriminated themselves in the presence of the wearer.

Designed with the specific needs of ISB personnel in mind, the functions are not designed with the intention of mimicking military HUD but providing intelligence to operatives to assist them and surveillance to those viewing the feed.

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