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I think I might be back?

Reyven Samoth

Grand Lord of the Tribe
So I kinda lost my muse for a while. Then I got an Xbox One and the future kinda put a bag over my head and threw me in the back of its van. I'll try to be around more now. What happened in my absence?


Disney Princess
wb. Some of the cool things going on,

  • January Galactic Event: War for Valen, is going on right now
  • Invasion Rules being drafted again
  • A good deal of inactive Factions got deleted
  • Some of the peeps who left for the Holidays are still LOA
  • Sarge and Jacen Cavill are on Staff Vacation, I believe


Disney Princess
Kaine Zambrano said:
And I murdered more people.
Actually. I hear that when Kaine leaves his castle unattended? ...All his lady friends get together for bikini mud wrestling contests. Totally missed that thread Reyven. It was a keeper. :p