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I had a brilliant idea last night - Space Ninjas


We have Spaic Majikz so why not Spaic Ninjas!?

Following the whole dark assassin theme, I'm letting a sect of Sith be opened in the Mnenchei Dominion. Before everyone flips a cap and thinks they have any right or purpose to invade us over it, we're not the Sith Empire and we're never going to be like the Sith Empire. Again, following the whole hidden dark assassin theme, with their own 'hidden village' sort of thing going. Dark-side space ninjas. Boom. Everyone can get behind that concept!
And no, they're not going to be literal ninjas. That completely lacks originality. Then again... we did have canon samurai in essence.

Yeah? Naw? Opinions? Feelings? :3

Levi Hutch

I am not a smurf!
I'd make a character for that purpose. The idea sounds awesome.