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I Did This To You

Romeo Sin

The Fallen Lord
The words cut deeper than any saber had, hit harder than any punch, and shocked him more than any blaster. The hit came again, again nothing to phase him. Romeo held her tightly, as she cried on him. When she asked him what they should do, it didn't take long to answer his father instincts kicked in hard. It was time to be even more responsible, but his decision was also having her best interest in mind.

"Patricia, we be a family that's what. We become parents. Unless this not at all something you can do, I can understand, but...it happen, and here we are. I'm ready to be a father if that's what I must be. I'm...I'm happy about this." He said with a small smile, but a tear ran down his eye to his cheek..wait a tear? Yes a tear, he was crying from joy.

"Patricia its going to be okay. I promise." He encouraged her, and comforted her. He kissed the top or her head and held her tighter. "Sometimes we must grow a little faster then we like, but this is a good thing, a amazing thing."
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