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I came In Like A Jeeeeeeeeediiiiiii Baaaaaaalllllllll

Naboo, perfect. Just the right place to get away.

Sure, Josh felt a little better after Ossus, yknow, taking out his frustrations and all around using the Sith's blood on his hands to forget his troubles by slaughtering them in open combat. And he had felt that he had avenged Sao, to the best of his ability, but... It still stung, eh? Mental scars, trauma, whatever you wanna call it.

And so, Josh had returned to his birthplace. Naboo. He felt calmer here. The clean, warm air, the weirdly dressed people, the trees, the forests, the lakes. What wasn't there to like about Naboo?

Don't say Jar Jar, Lexa. Don't. Karking. Say. Jar Jar.

His first stop after touching down? The cantina. Or was it a bar? He didn't care at this point, he just needed a drink. Something to distract him and help him forget all this crap. War was in full swing, both against the Sith and the Black Suns, things were busier then ever, dead girlfriend, dead child, his stupid Padawan who got promoted and then left for the Fels. Stupid people, dumb people, REALLY stupid people. It was stressing.

He slid onto a stool and ordered a cold one quietly. He didn't bother putting his hood over his head. It'd just attract attention. Besides, who would bother the random blonde guy in Jedi robes?

Well, luckily he wasn't wearing them. Instead, he wore a leather jacket, made of a special, force sensitive material. But we'd get to that part later. Under said black leather jacket with special force-ly event/invasion stuff, was a dark blue t-shirt. Comfortable wear, right? And then there were the track pants and sneakers. Of course, he still wore bits and pieces of his Magnus Armor under all this. Couldn't be too careful, yknow?

He chugged down the first drink like it was nothing. In the mindset he was in, he could drink 20 most likely. He just wanted to forget.

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