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Captain Larraq

Corporation Name: Hyperion Security (Non-Cannon)
Headquarters: Sundari, Mandalore
Locations: Mandalore
Operations: Private Security Forces, Weapons Testing,

A subsidiary of Mandal Hypernautics, Hyperion Security serves two purposes for the parent company. Firstly, Hyperion Security protects the investments of the company both at home and abroad through individual squads and platoons of private military and police forces all the way up to privately owned and crewed military grade walkers and warships. The second, and unofficial purpose of the company is to provide a means through which Mandal Hypernautics can have their products tested in a live-fire combat environment.

Tier: 2

Originally started as a private security company to guard the various office and construction sites owned by Mandal Hypernautics, it has grown and expanded a good deal in the 500 years since its creation. Offering its men and women's services, for a price, the Hyperion Security company has developed into a full-blown private military organization. Backed and funded directly by Mandal Hypernautics, the company is constantly being handed prototype weapons and vehicles to test out during the operations they get hired for, as well as prototype warships with which to guard the shipping lanes used by Mandal Hypernautics and their subsidiary mining company.

Hyperion Security operates mainly in the Mandalorian sector of space, where mercenary war-bands and private militaries are common place. But they are known to occasionally accept job offers in neighboring territories, so long as the local governments respect mercenary work as legitimate business and the job in question does not involve harming or harassing Mandalorians or civilians.