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Approved Location Hutt Assembly Building

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Lorda of Nem'ro

  • Intent: This is to make it official that there is a designated place for the Hutt Republic's "legislative body", the Hutt Assembly, to meet so policy can be discussed among the Lordas within the faction IC. This location will be used for diplomatic meetings, and sessions to discuss future policy for the Hutt Republic, as well as a possible location for festivals within the faction, and possibly with a few invited guests from the outside.
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  • Links: The Hutt Republic (members, and faction info included)
  • Structure Name: Hutt Assembly Building
  • Classification: The building was meant for government purposes, yet has the security of a massive fortress and the grandeur of a palace.
  • Location: Nar-Shaddaa (specifically in the upper levels)- https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Nar_Shaddaa
  • Affiliation: The Hutt Republic faction runs/owns this structure
  • Accessibility: It is a large, and rather ostentatious building in the upper levels of Nar-Shaddaa. However, the Hutts have been making sure it is heavily guarded, and more secure than any Hutt Lorda’s palace. The only way for one to get inside would be to either be a Hutt Lorda in the Assembly, a member of a given Lorda’s court, or to be an outsider invited for a specific session. Otherwise, one is either invited, or has to break in through all the armed guards, as well as the private guards every Lorda brought with them.
  • Description: A massive skyscraper in the upper levels of Nar-Shaddaa’s cityscape. It is meant to be large, and ostentatious on the inside, and so it is a truly massive building to accommodate for large halls and various rooms for smaller meetings.
  • Assembly Room: the mane atrium where any session of the Hutt Assembly will take place. It is organized in a similar manner to that of the senate meeting hall on Coruscant, yet the area where the Supreme Mogul sits is also on the wall instead of in the center of the massive atrium and is situated higher than the other seats in the room with more embellishments. Other seats are actually balconies, and do not float around in comparison to the Coruscant counterpart due to the massive weight of the Lordas in the Hutt Assembly.
  • Grand Hall: This massive hall is an ostentatious main hall where the Assembly Room is connected to at the opposite side from the Main Entrance door. The room has finely decorated pillars, and images of Hutt Figures throughout history. Banners of all the clans present in the domain of the Hutt Republic are hung between pillars with Hutt Republic Banners between each clan’s banner.
  • Main Speeder Platform: Primary spot where speeders and sail barges can drop off Lordas and their delegations at the building.
  • Main Cargo Speeder Platform: This entrance is the items and supplies to operate the structure, or are needed for sessions of the Assembly are dropped off.
  • Watchtowers: Four massive watchtowers are on the corners of the foundation, and rise up from the ground level. These towers are heavily fortified, and house turrets used to shoot down speeders and aircraft within range. Security staff are housed in these towers, and offices for guard captains are located near the tops of each of them.
  • Conference Wing: This is the outer layer of the central part of the building where a square corridor wraps around the areas between the outermost rooms of the building and the Grand Hall. This wing houses more private conference rooms where meetings between individual Lordas could happen.
  • Banquet Hall: This incredibly huge atrium is on the upper floors of the central part of the structure. Hutts are gluttons by nature, and a palatial space for food consumption was necessary. This atrium houses a large kitchen, with private booths for each Hutt’s delegation to be seated where the Hutts have more prestigious chairs within these booths. In times of festivals, the Hutt Lordas of the Assembly would all dine in here for the festivities, and this room works well for any social gathering with outsiders or among the Hutt Republic.

Maximum Security for certain. This building would house all the Hutt Lordas within the domain of the Hutt Republic, making it imperative to protect from any threat. The building is highly guarded, and any Lordas present would most likely have their own private escorts of guards with them at all times on the premises. The protection expected from a military base is installed at this government building. Common tech is used (turrets, alarms, blast doors in hallways, secret bunkers in the depths of the building, watch towers, escape routes and hidden passages, and a slew of surveillance cameras in almost every room), yet is used to an extent that makes it incredibly secure.

The structure was built incredibly recently. Once the Hutt Constitution was signed by Broka the Hutt, Gortta Desilijic Tiure, and Queen Popara, the Hutt Republic was truly born. Broka got to work constructing the massive complex in a neutral territory between the domains of all the Hutts present on the planet and had every worker in his vast domain put to work in its construction. All droids at his disposal that would be effective were put to use. Even workers and droids from his dominion in the worlds of the Eternal Empire were brought over to work on the massive structure. Not much has happened, yet it is now complete and ready to be used. The structure combines the aspects of a fortress, palace, and government building into one giant structure that dominates its local area in the Nar-Shaddaa skyline.
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