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Command Center
Corellian System

"Glory did not come from the warships that defended the defenseless from invasion. Glory did not come from the men and women who crewed this warships that defended the defenseless. Glory came from the men and women who commanded them" - The Core Imperial Officers Handbook, Vol. II, Courscant Edition.

The Republic was born anew at last. Billions of people rejoiced as the bright red flag of democracy reigned over the worlds of the former Corellian Federation, which like the Imperial Remants of the Core Imperial Confederation had been absorbed into the new Republic. Fleets gathered in large numbers overhead of the military world Talus, docking themselves into the above Center Point Shipyards where they were repainted and refitted to serves in the new Grand Navy.

All around the command bunker, soilders traded thier Corellian gear for Republic Armor, branded with the symbols of democracy, hinted with the blood sweat and tears of this who were opressed during the reign of the One Sith, of those who were trampled during the corupted era of the New Republic.

For a long while, the Corellian Federation was the last best hope of democracy, it's neighbors massive Imperial War machines or democratic nations too far away to help. And then, the Republic happened. In a flick of time, a new superpower rose from the ashes of Imperial Might, joined hand in hand with the Five Brothers to build a new protective force. One that wouldn't neglect or mistreat anyone.

And Protection was key to this new policy. On Talusz the Interim Commanders of the Grand Army and Grand Navy of the fledgling Republic met to discuss the various problems that demanded their attention...

Sev Onasi

The Grand Army. The Grand Navy. The massive behemoths of the Republic military formed from the Corellian Confederation and the former Imperials actually capable of putting principles above their Imperial past. They'd need rehabilitation and retraining, that was for certain. it was part of why the Senate and Assembly had pulled the military doctrine away from massive capital ships. That and capital ships were karking expensive. It made the fiscally responsible Senators and committees hesitant to invest, and quite frankly, he couldn't blame them.

But he was here for the Republic Starfighter Corps. The small and scrappy branch of the Republic military. Mostly old Galactic Alliance pilots who'd never gotten out of the Core. Older, hardened veterans of the wars against the One Sith, First Order, and the resurgent Sith Order. Survived treason and treachery. Fought guerilla wars. Came back to the Republic when it finally arrived. He kicked back in the seat and rolled up his shirt-sleeves, adjusting his eye patch.

They had ex-Imperial admirals and Corellian admirals, even some from the old Alliance. Same with the army generals. Erisi was there to keep their heads on straight and make sure the Republic officers didn't get over-zealous in their duties. He interlaced his fingers behind his head, rolling his neck around his shoulders. "Let's get this business over with, shall we."
Jayne Colacta Director of Intelligence was doing what she did best, well except maybe flying. She was sizing up the room. Jayne had provided a critical role in the initial stages of the reformation of the Republic. As such she was rewarded, promoted and arguably punished with her current position.

Many of the admirals and generals in the room she had vetted, some of them she’d personally recruited or converted. Others she had advised against trusting, but much like herself were valuable or crucial in their positions. Some were just inconvenient enough to be too much trouble to ignore, or create an enemy for the bourgeoning Republic.

Unlike many of the people in the room however, while of a more or less an equal or equivalent rank, Jayne was the head of her own division outside of their chain of command. The Director of Intelligence. In fact she had direct command of a division within that division, but that just caused complications among company such as this.

Currently Jayne was considering a member of the higher command, that had a similar position to hers. At least so much as that he was outside the traditional chain of command. Like most Intelligence officers, Jayne was assessing how best the person or group could be assets or be used to their advantage. The man in question was representing the Republic Starfighter Corp.

“Pardon me. Erisi Kasra. isn’t it?”

Sev Onasi

Erisi raised his eyebrows as a woman addressed him and he looked up, before shrugging. He pointed to the name patch on his flight jacket. "You got me right. And unless I'm mistaking, you're Jayne Colacta Jayne Colacta , something with intelligence, right?"

He pulled over two cups and poured some water into them before gesturing to an open seat. "Join me, why don't you? We seem to be odd ones out here amongst all these desk officers with their fancy epaulets and ostentatious hats. Us normies need to stick together."

Erisi picked up the glass of water and lifted it to his lips. "So, what can the current highest-ranking officer of the Republic Starfighter Corps do for Republic Intelligence?"

The Republic. It was interesting idea, but without the proper Military support it could never last. Perhaps that was the reason he was here today. Perhaps that was why an ex-Imperial General found himself fraternizing with democratic zealots. The real reason was buried deep down inside him.

Zavier's weary eyes rested on the two officers whom had just entered the command center. From the looks of one, he could tell she was Corellian, that other he wasn't sure. But he didn't care. He cared about the lives placed into his hands. The execution if democracy. His goals were simple and plain: Do as your supiorers ask.

His hand rested causlay on his side, every so gracefully stocking the metal rod he called a personal weapon. "Major, Director. Please be seated" he said at last letting out a sigh as he pulled his hand toward the table.

Erisi Kasra, Jayne Colacta Jayne Colacta

Sev Onasi

Erisi looked up from where he was sitting as Zavier Octavious Delane Zavier Octavious Delane approached and held his arms out wide, with his boots kicked up on some of the table supports. "Beat you to it." The man in the eyepatch leaned forward and poured another glass of water and slid it across the table. "Grab a drink. Settle in. Get comfy. I'd have brought some better stuff, but apparently that's against regs here."

He leaned back again and picked up his own cup of water, swirling it around as he peered over the rim with his one eye. "So. What's on today's agenda."
Jayne smiled obligingly at Erisi Kasra."That's right, something to do with Intelligence."

Jayne raised an eyebrow and maintained her smirk at ebing called normies. Certainly they seemed to be the only ones without fancy medals. Jayne was sure she had some somewhere, or she might have lost them. The only ones she really cared about were her Correllian Bloodstripes. Jayne frowned in thought, dressing up as the part was an important part with ingratiating oneself in this sort of crowd. She'd probably have to request that she be distrubted some medals. Maybe make a few up.

" Yes well it's always the way whenever Brass get together, whoever has the shiniest medals. You'd think with the amount of power collectively in this room, they wouldn't need to compensate, for any other... short comings"

Jayne said her amused look maintained.

"I was wondering-"

Jayne was interrupted quite annoyingly by one of the said brass. Zavier Octavious Delane Zavier Octavious Delane Grimacing at the inconvenience she settled with.

"Talk later. I have something to discuss with you"

Jayne gracefully took her seat at the table.
Diktat. General.
Talus had been the home of the Corellian military since the Confederation's founding and now it had become the Republic's. As he looked over the room of military officials from all the Confederate systems and the few Imperial defectors that weren't staring down the barrel of a blaster or prison shields he wondered how they had gotten here. It was a good place to be, to have so many allies but there was a naivete that came with this idealized version of the "Republic". He knew it, and he knew the Imperials knew it too, that sooner or later the Republic would be at war again with the Sith Empire.

'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.' Or so the saying went. And so they would either be forced by their ideals to engage with the Sith and help free their worlds, or the Sith would meet them at their doorstep. Either way, Yularen planned for the Republic to be ready. But they were already making things difficult for him. Senators shirking the strategic boon of Kuat, putting the burden of defense on the individual member worlds and systems, talk of downsizing before they even had a military to downsize...It was all madness. They'd already seen that the Galaxy had evolved over the last century. Large ships like battlecruisers and dreadnoughts were more common than ever before, they couldn't claim to "defend democracy" with a small fleet of destroyers and a handfull of battlecruisers. They needed to think bigger, and more and while the shipyards of Duros and the Corellia System were expansive...Kuat was another level. Even damaged their output far exceeded the capabilities of Corellia's Centerpoint shipyards and with the Frozen Hand making full on strikes against the Republic...With a Sith battlecruiser leading the fleet and unknown resources.

It drove him mad.

And as the interim the Fleet Admiral of the Corellian fleets he needed to stand up to say what he saw in this tumultuous time so that they did not become a nation who could not defend itself.

"Is this everyone?" He asked, his voice carrying over the situation room. "Are there no Jedi joining us?" Honestly, he proffered it that way, but he could not understate their effectiveness in battle, especially the ones to come.

Jayne Colacta Jayne Colacta Erisi Kasra Zavier Octavious Delane Zavier Octavious Delane
"Ah, Fleet Admiral. I was wondering when you'd get here. Now, we can begin. As you all lnowz the Frozen Hand represents one of the most dire threats our " New" Republic has faced. It is becoming tiresome. The 1st Expedionary Force under the command of former Corellian Vice-Admiral and now Republic Fleet Admiral Zahara Myneto has confronted Frozen Hand Forces at Odik and many other Deep Core Worlds. All of whom have been brought within our protective grasps, might I add. However, the Frozen Hand recently launched attacks on Fresia and Corellia itself. This can no longer be tolorated. Fleet Admiral Yularen Nova Yularen Nova , by order of the Supreme Chancellor you are Herby directed to command the Corellian Home Fleet, like these orders haven't already been relayed"

It was there he paused. He was becoming quite annoyed with the new Senate. They were in effext, attempting to have member worlds ammas thier own forces to defend themselves. But where would that lead them to? Disaster? Ruin? Financial Instability? It was risk he wasn't ready to take.

"Major, from this point forward, you will serve as the Interim Commander of the Republic Starfighter Corps. That is of course until we find someone to replace you, or you die. I would rather good it is neither, but you can never be too careful thsesy days. Fleet Admiral, Jedi are indeed fine commanders, alas the Senate is worried what happened to the Old Republic will happen again. Now, letu talk about what we can do to improve our positions in the Deep Core. Should we reinforce Admiral Myneto's forces at Odik as he prepares to confront the full might of the Frozen Hand?"

He tuned to face the three of them. Although he hadn't spoken to the Director, he was interested in her take of the matter
Jayne listened to the briefing with interest. As Head of Intelligence it was expected of her to know everything that was said in the room before it was said. What she was listening for was peoples views, opinions on the subject matter. How to ally with those who shared her sentiments, and manipulate those that didn’t. Fortunately Zavier Octavious Delane seemed to have his head on straight, and seemed to have a sound strategic mind.

“Congratulations on your promotions Commander Erisi Kasra Jayne complimented the new commander

Jayne addressed the council.

“This is war. All war has risks. I trust the Correllian Home Fleet to adequately deal with the Frozen Hand. While they are a formidable force they are without the support of the number of home worlds our forces have.”

Jayne understood the risks of the strategy sending their main fleet to deal with he Frozen Hand while expecting their member worlds to amass their own defense fleets to protect their homeworlds. Planets had defended themselves against worst and more in the past.

“Planetary forces should be prepared for their own defense. Planets have defended themselves against worst and more superior enemy’s in the past. Even relatively peaceful planets such as Naboo successfully defended their home planet against the armed forces of the Trade Federation. Admittedly that was a millennia ago.”

Jayne added the last with a wry smile.

“However it should be made clear, that our member worlds aren’t being abandoned. A protocol should be established, for rapid deployment and reinforcement should any world be attacked. Not enough for a world to be left unguarded, but a percentage of each world’s fleet should be held in reserve in preparation should such an offensive be launched against us.”

Jayne paused.

“Even should such a campaign not be launched against our home planets, it would still have value in the interaction and cooperation of various forces and factions. The first steps of a unified Republic as it were.”
"I couldn't agree more" he replied to the Director. She seemed to have her head screwed on right. A lot of members in the Senate had advocated against the creation of a Deperatment of Intelligence, no doubt to hide their own illicit activities. It mattered very little to him, though. As long as the Senate forked over the Grand Army's monthly budget, he didn't care.

"General Erisi Kasra, perhaps you and Fleet Admiral Yularen Nova Yularen Nova can enlighten us on the views of this in the Grand Navy. In the army, there has been limited contact with Frozen Hand ground assets and I support the Directors idea that certain aspects of our forces should be reserved for protection of our worlds. And so before, we contuine. I would like to propose the creation of a 2nd Roaming Fleet and Home Guard Legion to defend the worlds of the Republic while our main forces deal with external threats"

Sev Onasi

Yularen Nova Yularen Nova Zavier Octavious Delane Zavier Octavious Delane Jayne Colacta Jayne Colacta

Erisi simply grimaced at the words of interim commander. That was the last thing he wanted. He'd known enough admin officers to know what that meant. All he wanted to do was fly. Not be an administrative jockey. He wasn't any good at paperwork or administrative work. It was why he had a personal assistant droid to handle the bulk of the wing paperwork. "Don't congratulate me too soon, Director," Erisi murmured. "It's temporary until the Senate can appoint a permanent bureaucrat."

He leaned forward and rested his arms on the table. "Better idea. We make the 1st fleet permanently stationed in Republic space. Divide it into sectors. Assign battlegroups and task groups to different regions of space. Hyperspace hubs. Use them as rapid response to support planetary defense forces. We need to be flexible and quick to respond to ever-changing threats and situations. This allows us to reinforce planets in need of aid from various areas."

He poured himself another glass of water. "And then we have a dedicated combined arms force to launch strikes. Maybe even more than one. Can base them out of the hyperspace hubs as well. Get the best of both worlds. Rotate the battlegroups in each region between strike designation and reinforcement. Alternating."