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How to build a Starship


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Organized and created by @[member="Mia Monroe"]


Welcome to the new and improved Factory at SWRP:Chaos! Before posting any submissions, we ask that you read the document below in it’s entirety. A few things to say first before getting into the logistics:

  • Old submissions will not be reassessed unless they are reported for power-gaming in roleplays.
  • Old submissions are not to be based as precedent for future submissions.
  • The tables below are a firm guideline for all ships from now on. You may pick a loadout (Balanced, Heavy Gun or Carrier) and select which guns and which ships you have in your hangar, but the count is the maximum you can have.
  • No superweapons.
  • The rules for who can have a vessel, and their sizes, are staying the same.
  • Anything that is 1,000 meters or larger will require a thread showing technology development, as detailed below.
  • Anything that falls under the list of limited items will require a thread showing technology acquirement and/or development that is sizeable and of quality.
If an RPJ or Admin asks for changes, either do them or see your submission denied. This isn’t an exercise in haggling. We’re not asking you to edit to be cruel, we’re asking you to do it because it doesn't fit the bill.


Please provide a line of credit (Ex. Image By So & So) and link to the original artist if you are using an image to illustrate your submission. If you cannot find the original artist, then please provide a link to where you discovered the image. If necessary, use an image search service such as TinEye to find the image's original location.


Describe the plan for this technology. Technology created on a whim or for purposes to undermine the integrity of Star Wars will not be approved.

Development Threads
Development threads can be any thread, be it a dominion, a private thread or a public thread, but it needs to be substantial and contribute in some way to the development/discovery of the ship. Development threads are required for any ship that is 1,000 meters or more in length and any stealth tech.

As with all development threads, focus on story and have fun. RPJs reserve the right to request a longer development thread if effort is not being shown.

All development threads must be completed prior to submission.

Who’s gonna build your ship? Well, maybe your character is a pro-tier engineer and you can build it yourself. Good for you, but for those of you that aren’t engineers, this is a list for all canon ship manufacturers

However, if you're part of a faction, be sure to speak to other members of your group as you may find that there is a dedicated company for your faction that designs tech. Alternatively, look here for any ship building companies, though be sure to ask the owner before you slap their name on as the manufacturer.

Working example: The Millennium Falcon's model is a YT-1300 light freighter. The Star Destroyers we see in the Original Trilogy are a model called Imperial-class Star Destroyers. This is the ship's technical name, not the name the captain gives it.

This is the faction, or specific character, that makes use of the ship. For example, a TIE starfighter might belong to the Sith Empire, whereas a custom bounty-hunting freighter might belong to Emberli Garrett.

Does the item have the capacity to be augmented, modified, customized or adapted from its original form? Be sure to detail the modular capabilities in the description below.

No stealth technology will be mass produced. Individuals and Minor Factions cannot mass produce. In order to mass produce ships over 1,000 meters, development threads of at least 40 quality posts with three or more individual writers will be required, prior to submission.

Factions are urged to minimize the number of mass-produced submissions they make over 1,000 meters.

What is it made out of? Certain materials are more resistant, or vulnerable, to certain weapons. See: Metals or Compounds for a list of materials.

At least a paragraph is desired, but not absolutely mandatory. Describe some of the history behind the submission. Give us some idea of how it might perform its function, what it excels against and what some limitations of it are. Also include any modularity details in here.

What is the classification of the ship? This is determined by two things; the longest dimension of the ship (see Dimensions below for more details) and the armament. All capital ships have three categories to choose from; Balanced, Heavy Gun, and Carrier.

What is the ship designed for? Blockade Runner? Transport? Ship of the Line? Command Station?

  • No ship over 2 kilometres will be approved for any faction, with exception of special Staff-approved event technology.
  • An individual character may not create a ship greater than 400 meters in length.
  • Minor factions are permitted unique, player-captained ships up to a length of 1,000 meters.
  • New Major Factions are allowed mass-produced ships up to 1,000 meters in length.
  • The longest dimension will be considered when determining a ship's size category.
  • A faction development thread of at least 60 quality posts with three or more individual writers will allow the Major Faction to build up to the present cap of 2,000 meters.
Standard Ship Measurements
  • Corvettes: 101 - 200 meters
  • Frigates: 201 - 400 meters
  • Cruisers: 401 - 600 meters
  • Heavy Cruisers: 601-1,000 meters
  • Light Star Destroyer: 1,001 - 1,500 meters
  • Star Destroyers: 1,501 - 1,700 meters
  • Command Ship: 1,701 - 2,000 meters

Power Core Generator/Reactor

What fuels the ship? All capital ship reactors, whether antimatter, hypermatter, or solar ionization, produce roughly the same amount of power. Antimatter and hypermatter are slightly more powerful, but also more volatile and dangerous. Small craft generally use a solar ionization reactor, a cryogenic reactor, or standard fuel cells. All small craft generators produce roughly the same amount of power, except for standard fuel cells, which are cheap and stable but produce lower power yields.


The lower the number, the faster the hyperdrive. Standard civilian hyperdrives are Class 2.0 or Class 3.0, while military technology typically employs Class 1.0. The Millennium Falcon, as a unique ship, is a Class 0.5 - this is an extreme rarity.

Minimum Crew
The minimal amount of individuals needed to operate the ship or station.

Optimal Crew
The ideal amount of individuals needed to operate the ship or station.

Total gun count is set as per the below table. You will need to specify whether your ship is designed to be Balanced or Heavy Guns or Carrier, then you must list which weapons you are using. This Heavy Gun selection is the maximum count and non-negotiable.


Not required for ships lacking a hangar. As with Armaments, you must choose either Balanced, Heavy Guns or Carrier. This selection must correlate with your Armament choice. Maximum amount of fighters any ship class can have is classed under Carriers.


Non-Combative Attachments

What else is outfitted onto the ship? Does it have shields? Hyperdrive? Tractor beams? A navicomputer? Special equipment?

Passenger Capacity

How many non-crew individuals can the ship or station support? Be sure to include ground troops in this number.

Sublight Speed and Maneuverability
How fast and nimble can the ship move in realspace? This is measured from Class 1 to 10; Class 1 speed or maneuverability would be an A-wing or TIE Interceptor, while Class 10 speed or maneuverability would be like the Death Star. Class 3 would be a Y-wing or TIE Bomber. Class 5 would be like a Corellian Blockade Runner. Class 8 would be most large capital ships.