Star Wars RP

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How about a role-play?

Noah Firline

So basically I've been gone for a few months now and I'm trying to get my characters back in the swing of things. Anyway, if anybody is interested in roleplaying I'm sort of at a blank spot with this character and I need help sort of pushing along. I really like this character and I wan't to use him more often. I think he has a good storyline so far too. Anyway if anybody wants to RP I'm open for pretty much anything.

Kal Voss

im up for any RP.
im in the same sorta position as you. i haven't used Kal in a long time but i like who he is and i want to get him back into the galaxy.

Tallia Farn

Flustered Amnesiac
I would be down for something. I prefer to avoid character v character, but I would duel if you wanted. We could also do an RP begrudgingly working together though we initially can't stand each other. That would be fun. :D