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Listib Hibin

Factory Judge

  • Image Source: Link
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Development Thread: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Corporation Name: Hot Destruction Company
  • Headquarters: Omereth
  • Locations: Omereth, on a small island.
  • Operations: Vehicle Development, Starship Development, Q-Type Conversion Development.
  • Tier: Tier II
Developed during a troubling time for Omereth, Listib Hibin was currently working for the Militia on planet and had decided after two years of piracy attacks and ignored calls from the government to solve the problem on his own. Taking friends and other workers, he decided to make a company based almost entirely on Q-Conversion. The building was formerly condemned and getting it for a cheap price, they decided to work together to create several floors of manufacturing on the planet. Within two months, they had their first invention and fielded their results. This resulted in a decreased piracy activity and after a full year, had fielded a special type of freighter that all but started to destroy ambushes conceived by the pirates. Since then, the company has gained some notoriety for being an unusual developmental company that only exists to perform conversions though some projects are being developed in being new in their field.

Once the building was purchased, the condemned building was worked on by fellow workers and friends while Listib Hibin took himself as head of the company, starting from scratch several prototypes. Using the last of his funding, he created a vehicle archetype that had destroyed pirate groups around the area. The entire goal of the company was originally to stop piracy attacks on planet, all while looking as if just another regular company. However due to the increased demands for such products, the Hot Destruction Company had formally started to outreach and give letters of notification to large governments to offer their services and soon, offer more products to either stop piracy attacks or help create unique ambush situations. Money is still an object for the company though it is currently focused on donating large portions back to the planet to help rebuild the economy.

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Parent Corporation: N/A