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Approved Tech HoloBoy Advanced (Force Unleashed Special Edition)

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Sor-Jan Xantha

Certified Worst Jedi


  • Intent: A personal slicer datapad for Sor-Jan Xantha.
  • Image Source: Compilation of images from MacWorld, Gadgetsin, and Sony Electronics. Photoshop by me.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: HoloBoy Advanced

  • Manufacturer: Corellia Digital (modified by Sor-Jan Xantha)
  • Affiliation: (Individual Character Name ([member="Sor-Jan Xantha"])
  • Model: HoloBoy Advanced
  • Modularity: No.

  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Duralumin (frame, antennae), Flexiplast (back cover), Glasteel (front touchscreen), HoloNet receiver, and A/V electronics.


  • Slicer Multi-Tool. Fully functional as a smart commlink, datapad, HoloNet browser and portable gaming system.
  • Hard Light Holo-Environment Overlay allows the user to use their hands to manipulate a Graphic User Interface (GUI) by displaying solid-state holograms of windows or keyboard overlays. This function also allows the device to project a simple false image overlay over the user.

  • Hard Line Connection Required. Slicer chip requires a wired connection in order to operate as a slicer datapad. This is not a remote slicer.
  • Limited Field (Holo-Environment Overlay). The holo-emitter can project a few data windows around a user, but can't expand beyond the breadth or reach of a single individual. Thus, using this to try and disguise a room or even a small closet would be impossible.
  • Limited Battery Life. It's a diatium power cell, not a Colossus reactor.
  • Limited Datacard Storage Space.

The weapon of a Jedi nerd, Sor-Jan Xantha's personal HoloBoy Advanced was a modified version that upgraded the holo-emitter to support solid-state holograms, which the Anzat slicer used to manipulate data and information through a tactile holographic overlay which formed the graphic user interface. The modified HoloBoy was used by the Corellian Jedi during the Corellia League's raid against One Sith control of the Corellian System in 849 ABY, when he used it to slice the satellite network in orbit of the planet in order to confuse One Sith communications and navigation beacons. Like the base model HoloBoy Advanced, Sor-Jan's modified model operated as a "smart commlink" -- combining personal commlink with the functionality of a small datapad, which enabled it to browse the HoloNet in addition to supporting Corellia Digital's mobile gaming library. Powered by a diatium power cell, the HoloBoy Advanced averaged 10 hours of battery life between recharge cycles, dependent on the conditions under which it was used. Heavy CPU usage or areas where the antennae was constantly seeking a signal would drain the battery more rapidly than during normal use.
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