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Approved Tech HK's Customized MK I Boltgun "Hammer Upon Enemy"

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The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
Intent: To provide HK with a crowd control and anti-forceuser ranged weapon, to provide reference tech submission for HK's boltgun in case of PvP scenario
Development Thread: None
Manufacturer: Omega Industries
Model: Customized MK I Omega Boltgun, "Hammer Upon Enemy"
Affiliation: HK-36, Omega Protectorate
Modularity: Option for a vibro-bayonet to be added
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel and Bronzium
Description: HK has been in contact with the infamous Boltguns of the Omega Pyre since his first mission with the faction. Falling in "love" with the gun, HK has been seen carrying one ever since.

However, there were some restrictions the droid noticed that clashed with his combat style. First of all, the weapon was bulky, even for the fast and strong droid, when action suddently called he was not at his fastest when raising the weapon and firing from his hip. Second, the weapon had a minimum range of 10 meters, which for a droid that usually engaged in closed combat and in closed quarters, meant that he had to either give himself out early or had to get some distance between him and his enemy before using the weapon.
Of course, that did not exactly stop HK from firing at way below recommended distance, often getting himself in the blastzone and sprayed with shrapnel for dealing damage to his enemy.
However, the droid did appreciate the punch the weapon packed and the weight of it, on numerous occasions wielding it like a warclub when enemy got too close and there was not enough time to reach for a sword, that, coupled with the choices he had regarding to special ammunition types, swayed HK to modify MK I boltgun and keep using it rather than simply upgrade to MK II boltgun.

Those concerns were on HK's mind when he begun to work on customizing his boltgun, calling this particular weapon "Hammer Upon Enemy"

First, HK removed as much of the stock as possible, also decreasing the length of the barrel. This gave this model much more "stubby" look, bringing the total length to about 50 cm.
However, it was much faster to draw from its holstered position on droid's side than stock model, fact which satisfied the droid.
The downside of this was the lowered precision of the gun, giving the bolts of this particular model a more "scattered" variety when firing.
However, it was a fact HK was willing to live with, considering the droid did not use the weapon for its precision in the first place, it was always a crowd-control weapon for him, and when using it against a single target, he fired multiple bolts in quick succession, aiming around his target, especially the feet, rather than at them to take advantage of the fact the gun's projectiles were explosive and rained shrapnel.

Second, HK replaced the loading chamber of the gun with a MK 2 bolt gun loading chamber, allowing for lesser firepower to be used, cutting the minimum distance required to use the weapon in half.
This allowed HK to use his model more freely in closed quarters and melee combat, however, reduced power did not made his weapon as effective against light vehicles as stock models. The effectiveness against infrantry units persisted, which was all that mattered for the droid.

Third, HK added in bronzium plating to his boltgun, raising the weight of the weapon to cancel out the weight lost when decreasing the length of the weapon.
Bronzium was a denser metal than durasteel, this made the weapon more durable in resisting hits from melee weapons, blaster fire, projectiles, and lightsabers. It was not considered-lightsaber resistant, however, it would not be cut in half in only one slash of a normal lightsaber.
The persisting weight of 8 kg also allowed for HK to keep using the gun as warmace in melee combat, or a "Hammer" as he called it.

Fourth, HK added a vibro-bayonet to the gun, for that edge during melee.

Classification: Special Slughthrower/grenade launcher
Size: Handheld
Status: Military
Length: Around 50 cm
Weight: 8 kg
Ammunition Type: See MK II Boltgun ammunition types and MK I Boltgun special ammunition types
Ammunition Capacity: 10 round magazines. 60 rounds a minute semi-automatic.
Effective Range: Minimum range 5 meters, 250m for specific aimed shot, 500m for area suppression/bombardment.
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