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Approved NPC HiteVision

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To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before


  • Age: 25
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User
  • Species: Tro'zet
  • Appearance: Standing nearly 3 meters high, HiteVision is an olive-green titan hulk weighing nearly 250 kg; his horns are grown from his mouth upward. He has a beard and black hair, while regularly wearing his fur cloak and boots, alongside a Mando-made durasteel cuirass. He also wears a sash with a skull of a beast native to Dandoran attached to it as a sigil of his first criminal gang.
  • Name: HiteVision
  • Loyalties: Himself and potentially his criminal gang; his history of criminal gang formation is volatile
  • Wealth: Moderate
  • Notable Possessions: A quadranium edge, a fur cloak, a cuirass, a repeating blaster
  • Skills: Swordplay (veteran), marksmanship (Trained), criminal law (elementary), Basic (broken)
  • Personality: HiteVision is not the sort of criminal that has a lot of wits, instead relying on brute force to hunker down enemies. He tends to develop withdrawal symptoms quickly when alcohol and when that occurs, he gets angry rapidly until he can get another dose of alcohol, in which case he will scream so loudly that he will be heard from at least 150m away. One wouldn't want to be anywhere near him when he is suffering from alcohol withdrawal. But even when he does get his doses of alcohol, he still believes law to be a troublesome thorn, and he believes a firm hand is necessary to assume leadership, with the strongest individuals being placed in leadership roles. Then again, his mood can swing on a dime regardless of alcoholic concentration. As for his leadership style, he tends to be rather pushy and to punish harshly those who dare disobey him, while being rather hands-on.
  • Weapon of Choice: Quadranium edge
  • Combat Function: In a physical fight, his swordplay style is described as being more akin to Form V (Djem So), only with a quadranium edge rather than a lightsaber. Although at times he may, if attacked at range, instead opt for an automatic blaster prior to closing in with his claymore.
  • Strengths:
  • Brute force: he can dish out a lot of hits
  • Physical resilience: he can take a lot of physical hits before going down
  • Infrared vision: he can detect heat sources
  • Weaknesses:
  • Lacks agility - can be a liability in confined spaces
  • Vulnerable to mentalism-based Force-powers
  • Lacks finesse - he can easily be outwitted
HiteVision was born on Dandoran in the streets, and as such, his childhood was rather rough, with his parents beating him on a regular basis and mistreating him. As a result he also learned the basics of marksmanship and swordplay at an early age, and fought many of his fellow Tro'zet younglings on a regular basis, both using melee weapons and dueling with blasters. Although he is relatively physically unscathed by this era of rough-and-tumble upbringing, his parents were not so lucky: they were arrested for aggravated assault and battery, serving jail time. Given the Tro'zet judicial system, there was no safety net, nor child protection services, and so he was left to fend for himself in the streets, making a name for himself as a criminal thug in the street gang world. Until he got arrested for vandalism and then sentenced to an off-world prison term. This proved to be the entry point into a much larger criminal world than just his home planet's underworld where he forged some contacts, and also learned to read and write, albeit at an elementary level.

In the years to follow his first sentence, he took part in a prison break sponsored by the Ta'jar Blood Gang, albeit without any advance notice, and he found himself on Utapau, with the heyday of his new criminal gang coming in the wake of the Mandalorian invasion of that planet, terrorizing the lower levels of Pau City, and operating out of a storage space in the lower levels, funded by smuggling and fencing (i.e. sale of stolen goods). But the downfall of his gang came when the gang stole from the Utapau Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center's construction site, where his henchmen let out his involvement in the theft that after being caught vandalizing a liquor store.

Neri Rashal

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I need you to link to quadranium in equipment.

Physical resilience: he can take a lot of physical hits before going down - a human's blaster firing on kill mode would be more akin to a stun-level of fire for him
I absolutely see physical resilience here- it's right in the Tro'zet sub. But there's nothing in there to support " a human's blaster firing on kill mode would be more akin to a stun-level of fire for him" so I'm going to need you to remove that portion of this strength.
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