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Private His Dark Materials

Do good, or do well.

Krishou Tower Starport, Randon

Cyprian had ordered none of his men to leave the ship while they awaited their guest aside from guards posted outside the ship, but nevertheless the Balarac on board were still treated to a mesmerizing view of the glittering cityscape from their elevated platform jutting from the skytower. For most of his people, hailing from Wild Space, this was the first time witnessing a city at such scale.

"So this is what the high life is like," Velt exclaimed with a whistle. "This makes the Red Palace look like a mud hut."

"This is only the 'Mid Rim'," Cyprian reminded his lieutenant. "In the grand scheme of things, Randon is only middling trade post. Deeper, into the real Core, there are urban worlds teeming with platters of miniature societies that would dwarf the populations of the entire frontier sectors, and verdant garden planets that could have been hand sculpted by the Ancients themselves. High culture. True civilization."

"We're halfway there at this point...think I'd like a gander of this 'true civilization' of which you speak."

It was hard to read Cyprian as he always wore his armor, but by the tilt of his head, Velt had learned to interpret the expression as amusement.

"In due time...small steps."

Like this world, the Balarac were nothing in the sea of the galaxy, but in time that would change.

Allyson Locke Allyson Locke
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Outsiders were always tricky subjects. They brought valuable information, but they also required either payment or information in return. Allyson did her best not to deal with types like that, but with her line of work. These types were the ones that always had the key to the puzzle. Sighing heavily, she kept herself aware of her surroundings. An initial sweep a few hours prior gave her some advantage in case something went astray.
She wasn’t here as a member of the GADF, nor was she here as a member of the New Jedi Order. Instead, she came as herself. The goal was to add to her collaborative network as she continued to progress towards her ‘retirement’ from the standard military. The thought excited her, but Allyson wondered if someone like her could ever truly leave the military with the secrets she had locked away.
Those thoughts were for another time. The sound of her leather boots tapped at the metallic flooring of the starport. An exciting place to have a meeting, but the contact was someone she had not heard much about. Either way, Allyson’s curiosity always got the best of her. As per the instructions, the Corellian gave the signal and waited for the response.
What have you gotten yourself into, Allyson? She quietly asked herself as she waved at the ship, hoping that the contact had someone on the lookout for her.
Do good, or do well.
A pair of armored met the brunette at the entrance to the landing pad, relaying her arrival to Cyprian within. Watching their helmet feeds, he studied her for a minute, matching her face to the photo that had been provided by the Silver Jedi. It was her.

He was fairly certain. If not, then the would be doppelgänger had just earned themselves a one way trip over the ledge of the platform.

"Let her inside," he ordered over comms. "Bring her to the kitchen."

One of the guards motioned her to follow him, while took their place behind her. They led her up to the side ramp into the main fuselage of the gunship. The well lit corridors were immaculate, smelling strongly of disinfectant. It was quiet, save for the clank of the guard's armor as they directed her through the corridors.

The trek ended to at a large room, several metallic benches bolted to the seat at the center, with a kitchenette module set into the far wall. Pacing along the aisle in between was Cyprian, clad in armor identical to his guards. As the trio entered the room, he stopped in his tracks and turned to face the woman between his men.

"Master Locke, thank you for coming at such short notice. It is clear you appreciate our plight."

The plight was that of Wild Space, facing the brunt of the Bryn'adûl hordes.

"We aim to strike back at the Bryn'adûl, but we know shockingly little about them. When I inquired with the Silver Jedi about sharing information, they directed me to you, an intelligence specialist has fought them and successfully penetrated their space at least once, and lived to tell the tale."

He took his seat at the center bench, the stool groaning slightly under the weight of his armor.

"I would like to hear it, and see what we may use for our own endeavors."

Allyson Locke Allyson Locke