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Hiring a Fleeter/Pirate Captain

After committing pretty much every other crime possible, it's finally time for Abyss to go the last step and become a pirate. But not just some pirate. You know how many pirate stories have some supernatural ship, with a monster or ghost captain and a magic ship? Well that's what he is aiming for, becoming a pirate seen more as some legendary tale about some horror from the depths of space. That will be accomplished by jumping in the tier 3 doms, public threads and skirmishes where we set up traps of either side and simply board and loot them should one side try to run from the encounter. Swag and booty for the crew, minds for Abyss

The ship is already in the works and will be called the "Eldritch", an ancient looking, agile stealth frigate with trick weapons/traps (mines, electric webs, droids placed in an near by asteroid field etc.), as well as ritual chamber from where rituals for ship to ship combat can be performed (like an large scale fear spell for example, or the use of large scale telekinesis to use asteroids and debris as projectiles even when cloaked.)

I already got a good boarding crew etc. but we still need a fleeter to command the ship itself. Someone who can use a single ship for quick ambushes, stealth tactics etc. that can go toe to toe even with bigger ships using these advantages, as well as get us out after the job is done.
[member="Eliza Raxis"] Nice, you're hired. The Ship is currently a WIP draft but I will send you what I got after college today, because as Captain you probably have a thing or two to add lol.

Crew wise the Eldritch will include [member="Thraxis"] [member="Causstik Rahn"] [member="Blake Morrigan"] [member="Dravis Rosilla"] and obviously Abyss.

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