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Character Himari Anno

Himari Anno


Himari Anno


Himari was born on the streets of Jar'Kai, the old Atrisian Capital city, and was orphaned at birth. She was taken in by a small orphanage but fell in with the local street gangs and urchin packs. Eventually she was adopted by a kindly old Jar'Kai couple from one of the clans. Due to their lack of actual political and economic power however she still grew up rather poor despite the pomp and ceremony much of her life contained. Either out of spite or out of habit she continued to run with the urchins until she eventually crossed a member of one of Atrisia's most powerful gangs. Now with her family at risk she was forced to choose; Their lives, or her service. She chose the latter.

The next few years of her life were a blur of spice, pain, and fear. It wasn't until Atrisian authorities happened to raid a hideout where she was being kept that she was freed from her nightmare. Shamed and without a home to return to without bringing dishonor and ridicule to her adopted clan, she returned to the streets, this time falling in with swoop gangs. She had a natural aptitude for piloting and quickly became a favored racer, even moving from the streets and going professional. Impressed with her skill, she was offered a commission with the Atrisian military and joined as a pilot. During her time in the military she became increasingly aware of the failures and injustices of Atrisia and was recruited to join a secret rebel group building in the Unknown Regions. She resigned her commission, taking a dishonorable discharge after getting into a fight with a superior officer about the role they both believed Atrisia and its royal family should play in the Galaxy.

At the Kiliea Command she rose quickly through the ranks, idolizing Xiro Mohc Xiro Mohc and became Wing Commander, despite her youth. ​


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