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Hide and Go Seek

I have been planning for a while for Ultimatum to come across, and hopefully recruit a Filar-Nitzan, found here:

I have a plan of the story being set aboard the Sovereignty with the creature roaming the ship attempting to sabotage its systems while a boarding party begins stealing data from the ship. Through mishaps and conflict the Nitzan is trapped while the boarding crew either escape or perish, abandoning him.

Anyone want to join in?

Thank you for the link to your rp. I would love to join and take part in what I think would be a fun rp to be part of. If you do not mind, I would like to bring in a different character of mine.

I [member="Allana Badeaux"] would fit better into the nature of a horror story concept.
[member="Daniel Imura"] [member="Harvey"] [member="Allana Badeaux"]

Just to avoid any confusion, the first part of the initial post was current events while the second part is based on the past leading up to the first part. Of course you can post in either part, but the second will eventually converge with the first once the 'flash-back' is complete.

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