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Hi Ho, Hi HO, off to work we go. (complete)

The dinner had gone extremely well from Faith's perspective, she tried to meet with everyone who came and make meetings to talk about what could be done for Alderaan by making contracts with new companies.

Today she was meeting with a rather shy young man, least that was how she saw him. Faith gave herself a reminder that [member="Makai Dashiell"] was still a businessman representing a mining company that would help replace old equipment, and make suggestions on other items.

She had made sure all the guests had rooms in the Winter Palace for the night, and would breakfast with anyone that chose to come down early. After her morning walk around Ana as they discussed her appointments and upcoming trips. It was soon time to meet with Makai on the platform to take him down into New Aldera to start their meeting and visit the mines in the Juran Mountains that were under House Organa review.

She hoped the young man slept well, and was ready to dash about.
[member="Faith Organa"]

Makai had been nervous about staying overnight at the Palace. Mr. Zej wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, stating the importance of taking the Highness up on her offer. Sleep had come fitfully despite the plush mattresses, thick drapes and serene surroundings. It was hard to sleep when he had one of the important days of his life was coming up. One that Mr.Zej wouldn't be a part of.

The news had broke over breakfast, stuffed Corellian toast overloaded with berries and cream.Mr.Zej would be performing other tasks, leaving him a little shell shocked. What was more important that following him down into the mines to make sure he wasn't telling the Queen of Alderaan the wrong things about her equipment?

Either way he had pulled on some jeans, put on a button up shirt and rolled up the sleeves to the elbows. It didn't seem right to wear just anything despite the fact he would be getting dirty. Suit wouldn't do. Hopefully his in between solution would work. Being on his own, he decided to walk to the platform himself, using aides to help guide him along the way.

It looked like Queen Organa was already in place. How late was he? Either way, best to smooth things over.

"I apologize for being late."
[member="Makai Dashiell"]

"You are not late you're just about on time. I'm just always early. I keep thinking if I get early everywhere by the end of the day I will have a few minutes for something else" Faith smiled. She did not think him late at all.

"This transport will take us to New Aldera City, and from there we will travel to a few of the mining facilities in the Juran Mountains. We will only be a moment in the City I have asked for the maps for the mines. I don't want us to get lost. So, you know we mine phrik here, as well as some other minerals and a few gems." Faith headed towards the transport which had landed while she waited for Makai.

"I must honest I don't know how old the equipment we is now. But surely it could be replaced by something modern and efficient. You can advise me on this yes?" She ducked her head down and then found a seat motion. They would leave as soon as everyone was on board.
[member="Faith Organa"]

"Oh, I suppose that makes some sense."

Makai wasn't sure how her strategy was working for her, the Queen seemed incredibly busy each and every time they met. Then again, they had really only met twice. Transport arrived with the Queen mentioning it was important not to get lost in the mines. Were they going down alone? Makai had been under some impression there would be miners. Perhaps a supervisor he could speak to about the needs of the miners who worked hard everyday.

"I can advise you, yes. I will give you an honest assessment."

Waited until she was seated, Makai took a seat opposite. Honest assessment is what his father had taught him. Even if the client wouldn't need the service they would remember Salacia wasn't out trying to fleece them out of every credit to their name.

"Have you been to the mines before?"
Had she been to the mines before she looked over, "Once but I always make sure the foreman is there to guide us. I'd hate to get lost and besides he has all the information, I'm at a loss when it comes to mining equipment."

Faith nodded and the transport took off. "We've had some sabotage and raiders come into the mines. We think we've worked out a system that works for everyone but it might not be 100 percent effective." The raids had calmed and there were not as many but there were still some. Every load a raider took took earnings away from a family, or from Alderaan Faith as their protector needed to keep trying to keep it to a minimum.

"We will go to the Panteer Mine first." The ship banked and sped up then you could feel the shift as it began to descend into the city. She looked out and standing there was Emma. Faith thought she really is trying so hard to take Ana's place. Had to give her credit for being on top of it all. The ship began to settle, and the door would open to reveal Emma.

"The plans mam" Emma slid in to hand Faith the plans smiling at Makai. "Anything else?"

"No Emma we should be good thank you." Faith looked at Makai, "Unless you need something?"

[member="Makai Dashiell"]
[member="Faith Organa"]

"I'm sure I can show you a few things to look out for. Never know when you'll need the information."

Makai listened about the raids. It didn't make him nervous, well, beyond the issue of a tunnel collapse. He had gone diving in undersea tunnels, a highly dangerous activity...well, sort of. It was hard to drown him. He found it was best not to think about about the layers and layers of dirt and rock above them to actually get through his day. Raiders were serious though. Salacia had similar issues and employed a small army of security to make things went as smooth as possible.

"I think everyone has trouble with raiders. Especially in the Outer Rim where a lot of operations are....well...even here, like you mentioned. The army guards the mines now?"

Makai shook his head.

"I don't need anything."
They headed back into the Juran Mountains towards House Panteer a house that right now was in flux Faith had reached out for Ana Panteer in hopes of helping and reconnecting with her but not answer had come. Perhaps Delia was now on Alderaan and that they would soon not have to wonder about the noble house.

They flew towards the highest peak on Alderaan and then turned towards the pass there they would be within walking distance of the mine. Faith looked out she loved this view, "I love the mountains. Just not the cold"

Emma was silent, Faith handed the plans to [member="Makai Dashiell"] , "here you can see the entrance and due to the age of the mine it goes fairly deep into the mountain. "

The ship was descending, "ok...we are almost there.. Are you cold? It is cold here, we have cold weather gear ready." How could he not be cold, unless he had a metabolism that allowed him to stay warm, his coloring told her nothing really and she was too polite to ask.
"The mountains are very different from where I come from. Can't say I enjoy the cold either."

He appreciated the view though. Outside it looked cold and blustery compared to the lower elevation of the planet. He found it interesting they were going into the mountain range and into the mines from there. The entrance was pointed out by [member="Faith Organa"] .

"So the mine has been in operation for years? Thats really cool."

Makai looked down at his attire. Jeans, leather shoes and a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He set to work rolling the sleeves down to his wrists, buttoning them back. Shiny blue-green scales flashed in the dim light as he worked.

"Sort of. I'm not really used to anything below twenty-one celsius. Going to be a little shock to the system."
"Well we'll both wear the cold weather gear the Mines will have some heat since the miners can't work in the cold conditions. But a warm coat from the ship to the mine I think is called for"

Was she being motherly because he looked so young maybe. She missed her own children at times and too often the young had to grow up too quickly. "we'll run for the mine to get out of the cold quickly" A game? She didn't know, just a method to get away from the cold.

The ship landed with a gentle thud. The familiar white jackets were handed one to Faith one to Makai. Faith shrugged into the coat. The door would not be opened until they were ready to face the cold.

"Ready?" She smiled as if she were going to race him.

Outside the Foreman of the Crew stood waiting a burly older man with a kind face and large hands. He clothes were smudged with the minerals of Alderaan all found within the mine. He saw the Queen and her company and wondered how long do I have to do this for again?
[member="Faith Organa"]
Sorry, I think I missed the tag on this one...

"Run to the mine?"

Makai was a little concerned. Naturally he was going to have to let the Queen win. Secondly he wasn't sure on the rules of older women, respect and running races. 'Running like your life depended on winning' did not see like a real goal he should have laid out. Jacket was shrugged on, zipping it up. The garment was a little snug....were jackets supposed to be? He hadn't worn one in a long time, the last time perhaps a wedding with [member="Myra Elspeth"] ?

Makai took his position on the 'starting line' so to speak. He looked a little uneasy.

[member="Makai Dashiell"]

Faith laughed, he wanted to really race, well he had age on her and youth. But she'd give it her best shot, "Yes I am." She leaned just a little forward, "1....2....3....GO!" She waited a second for some odd reason it was like racing her children again she wanted them to win, and she would let Makai win as well. It was just her nature.

She pumped her arms confined to the coat, already it was getting really warm inside. She could see the foreman ahead whose eyes had gotten round like saucers. He couldn't believe what he was seeing his Queen running a foot race, well he'd have to get over that. Faith looked over at Makai ...he certainly was a credit to his parents.
[member="Faith Organa"]

Both of them couldn't fit out of the opening at once, especially in thick coats. Makai let the Queen go first, hot on her heels. He knew he could win the race and for a moment they paced. Makai thought it was only best to show he was giving a sporting try. Soon enough though the Salacia heir would slow down, clutching his side, labored breathing. He would move towards the finish line at a jog, the Queen winning their footrace.

"Not used to the elevation. " Makai panted a little, only partially lying. He was a sea level and under kid. "Good race Your Highness."
[member="Makai Dashiell"]

"I think you let an old lady win. Altitude and all" She smiled, "Come on Makai let us check out the equipment. Foreman Thomas nice of you to meet us. We are ready." Faith was ready for a glass of water actually that little foot race even though she ran daily was a bit more daunting than she would admit.

"Do you happen to have a bottle of water?" She was warm but knew taking the coat off would invite a cold. The Foreman looked at them and just didn't know what to think, "Yes Mam this way."

Had to admit he had not seen the former queen come to a mine, or the Queen before House Organa nope..

Faith looked at the machine ahead of them, "What is that Foreman Thomas?"

"This is a machine that goes along the wall and digs out ore." Faith nodded, "how old is it?" The big man shrugged, "old Mam." Faith looked at Makai, "Do you have something that can do this?"
Makai really wasn't joking about the altitude despite what [member="Faith Organa"] thought. A little puff or two and he felt his breath start to catch back up, becoming a little more normal. Cheeks were bright with the cold and exercise as they entered the mine. Scale-speckled hand shook Foreman Thomas' as he approached. Gaze drifted off around the mine before settling on the borer.

It was an ancient machine. Hand ran across the machine as he approached. He found himself climbing aboard to look at the engine and hydraulics wanting to give the Queen several options. Soon the teenager was pulling out a dipstick, looking at the fluid. It was clear he didn't mind getting dirty.

"Well...yes, we have one like this....waterproof and its typically used underwater but could be used here. Or we could put on a new borer head....upgrade the engine and hydraulics. Production would not be as high as a newer machine but it could work and there would be some cost savings."
Faith was now the student as she listened to [member="Makai Dashiell"] the young man. She nodded watching as he climbed up checking the engine and hydraulics. She had to consider many things when talking about entering a contract to buy equipment.

Mr. Thomas seemed to agree with everything that the young man said she saw him nodding and smiling. "We do want efficiency, but how much does efficiency cost and" Then she looked at Mr. Thomas, "How many do we need?"

Mr. Thomas but his hand to his forehead rubbing down along his long face scratching at his beard, "We have 15 of these Mam." Faith shook her head, "Well let's talk about these for a minute. Tell me about pricing."

She wondered if perhaps they should fix half and buy half new. It would depend upon the price.
[member="Faith Organa"]

Pricing was high, Makai was certain the mining operation could not afford fifteen of them. It was a lot for any operation to swallow at once. Business sense earned from his father, Mr.Zej and school classes knew it would be failure if the Alderaan government bought everything new at once. He was quiet for a long moment, moving off the machinery.

"What if you fixed all the old machinery and upgraded it. Production would still go up due to the better engine and better borer drill heads. Then we could lease you a new machine and it be tried out. I would highly recommend testing it out in wet conditions, works amazing. It may not be the right machine for this operation. Not much would be lost, just the smaller cost of leasing it for three to six months."

Makai realized he probably overstepped his bounds.

"J-Just a thought of course..."
Faith folded her hands and listened, "OH no Makai you are fine it is what a good salesman does, offer options. Ideas. I was thinking that we'd upgrade half but your suggestion of doing them all and then lease a machine to see its performance. I like this idea too. I would do this mine first though as the test. Refit the 15 that we have, we'll leave one new one. If"

Faith looked at the Foreman, "If Mr. Thomas and his crew find the equipment acceptable then we will do another mine until we have fitted the 10 that under House Organa care." that would mean her family and nine others would have better equipment to pull the precious phrike from the mountains, as well as any of the precious gems.

"Is that agreeable [member="Makai Dashiell"] ?"
[member="Faith Organa"]

"If it is acceptable with you Miss Organa it is acceptable with me. It is your credit after all."

Makai was fine with the proposal. Everything seemed to be on the up-and-up in regards to the retrofitting of the machines. There was a long pause as he calculated trip times, manufacturing dates. They weren't all too far out from most of Salacia's facilities out in the middle of nowhere. Crews could reach them with relative ease...

"I can have some technicians out to retrofit everything within two weeks. If you agree to it. I'm not sure if I could rush them any sooner but if it is a high priority I can push things through."
[member="Makai Dashiell"]

She watched him as he became lost in thought about calculations and logistics. He was a bright boy for certain. When he looked up again it was easy to see that he had come to an answer. The ways he was focused, the set of his jaw and the way his fingers moved over the datapad he knew what he was doing. This inspired confidence and made Faith realize she should not treat him as a child.

"It is not high priority at this time, scheduled them as you see fit stay in contact with Mr. Thomas to let him know when to expect your workers." Faith felt this was an acceptable arrangement, now did the young man before her think that?
[member="Faith Organa"]

"Two weeks is acceptable with myself and the company. After our meeting I will send the word and production can start on your equipment, it will take a few days to complete the process for all of them. Shipping from Tabaqui will take a moment, so if the plans get pushed ahead immediately we can stay on the two week track. If that is acceptable with Mr.Thomas."

A pause and he looked between the Queen and the Foreman.

"Would you desire that I return to oversee the installation or would a crew manager be acceptable?"

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