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Hi guys

Aybara Rorres

New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a new member here.
I used to playing other starwars RP, but kinda burn out with that and stop playing for a long time. I just found this site yesterday and decided to try it again :D
My RP-ing maybe got a bit rusty due to stop doing it a long time, so I apologize in advance and please bear with me.

I looking forward to a good time here :D

Aybara Rorres

New Member
A Aybara Rorres
Welcome! I hope to see you around the galaxy.
Yes, I hope so too :D

Welcome to Chaos!
Thank you!

Welcome, A Aybara Rorres if you have any questions feel free to ask! We'll do our best to answer! Enjoy your stay!
Yes thank you!

A Aybara Rorres Hei! welcome to chaos! Chaos is a good choice, probs the best star wars rp I've ever played. If you need help or maybe a second writer for first thread, just holler
Thanks for your offer, thank you