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Hey Guys

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
Glad to see everyone's giving you a warm welcome @[member="Roon Ganar"]. I'd be happy to train you unless somebody else is wanting to give training a whirl, and if they do I'm still fine giving you training on the side as long as everyone's okay with it. Just @ me in a thread and I'll be there. And, if I may, If you have some time I'd love for you to weigh in an opinion in our planet building section, especially with your experience rping droids. In any case, welcome to the family, hope you enjoy your stay.

Roon Ganar

Kel Dor Jedi
@[member="Jaxton Ravos"]
Thanks and will do, if you want you can have a look at my Mechanus although it's bit different since your planet started off fully droid, to mine droids migrated, helped a less advanced race build up their technology, screwed over their ecosystem, and took over the planet when original inhabitants left.

Also, I'll post a training thread soon and @ you to it