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Heretical Enigma

In the water, a child would be born. Good, or bad times were heralded with their coming.

Below the storms of Kamino stood Darth Vupua. After three months, following the discovery of the Holocron of Heresies, the Sith had decided to venture out of her quarters on board one of the floating stations where the Kaminoans lived and out into one of Kamino's infamous torrential downpours to feel the power of the Force through her own physical vessel. Enarmoured by the knowledge of the Holocron, Vupua stood with her arms raised, opened up to the rains that rained and assaulted her petite frame. She was free of the shackles put on her by the Jedi and their decadent ways, for she was no longer restrained by the light side of the Force. With the dark side, she had truly discovered the freedom to change the Galaxy, and accomplish what no other Jedi could do.

End the Star Wars, once and for all.

The ancient, enriching knowledge of Darths Revan and Andeddu had illuminated the Sith to the mistakes of her seminal life. They had awakened her to the crimes of the Jedi, but beyond that, exposed the weakness that had afflicted those that called themselves Sith. Combined with what Ayra had taught her, Vupua now possessed the means to not only to make something happen, but create irrevocable, inconceivable change that no Jedi or Sith had ever seen before. In a Galaxy that was full of tyrants and their Empires built on a foundation of deception, Vupua knew the truth, for she had glimpsed into a time that was obscured, veiled in the murky, convoluted logic of darkness. But not even the Four-Hundred Year Darkness could stop her from seeing what few others had seen. Perhaps, only she out of them all, knew the secrets of the Force.

The rain that assaulted the Sith Lord was heavy, and iced cold. Her dark brown, mousy hair stuck onto her face, authenticating the skeletal bones that laid beneath the ivory white skin. Screaming into the air, announcing herself to the Force, Darth Vupua's eyes burned with the power of the dark side. A guttural, blood curdling roar emitted from deep within the small Humanoid and out into the air, and with it the cold, the wind and rain was no longer felt, for all Vupua could feel was a deep, raging inferno that simmered beneath her skin, that was far more potent and destructive than the storms that had ravaged this world for the past few millennia.

Lowering her arms, falling silent, Darth Vupua summoned her Lightsaber into her hand and studied it's ornate frame. She activated it for the first time in months, feeling the brimming power of the artificial crystal inside through the durasteel metal, and turned, practicing maneuvers, sequences and techniques she had not practiced in a long time. For these past three months had spent with nothing but the company of the Holocron of Heresies and it's gatekeeper. Powerful Sith illusions and magic were now hers to command. Vupua understood the incantations and how to weave the dark side sorcery from memory now, and in time, she would use what she had learned to break her enemies, so that this galaxy could be saved from the Chaos that was wrought within it.

After an hour, when Vupua felt warmed up and limbered enough to break the rust she had first felt when she had begun her practicing, she deactivated her weapon. Hooking it back onto her hip, the Sith lifted the cowl of her robe back over her head and made her way back into the station to begin her plan.

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