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Here Be Dragons (Trainer Needed, Open)

It's a Givin
@[member="Spencer Jacobs"]

OOC: List of Force Powers requested to be learned
-Comprehend Speech
-Drain Knowledge
-Force Sight
-Mind Trick/Force Persuasion /OOC

After the debacle on Nar Shadaa, the Black Sun syndicate held little interest for Faenrovon the Radiant. Begrudgingly, they had accepted him as one of their own, but he was not one of them. He was a dragon of Arkania, the last of his kind. Between him and the humanoids, there could be no comparison. And with the incursion of the Republic, there would be even less tolerance under their so called Democracy. He had seen the democracy they extended to Arkania. Blood-soaked snow and the butchered bodies of his kind. He would not stay to witness it again.

Once more commandeering a vessel large enough to transport him and all his accumulated material wealth, Faenrovon made the transit across the stars to the far reaches of the galaxy. It was said that some of the most powerful beings in the galaxy resided here, whispers of rulers who wielded inexorable strength. Faenrovon wished to see if the rumors were true. If any from this race of ants could truly be more powerful than the Argent Denizen of Arkania.

He came to the capital of this Kingdom to seek knowledge. Not all precious things were gold. Only most of them.

The enormous dragon awaited the one called Yun-Harla in an enormous antechamber. Curled into a circle and apparently... sleeping.
Roleplay Judge
Spencer had spent literally this entire time hiding behind the massive throne that was in the room. Her blonde hair moved behind and around the chair to poke her head out to see what became of the massive Dragon. She had never seen one face to face before and she assumed they were folklore in actuality. Though, what made her hide was the fact that she could feel the force emitting from the Dragon - this meant only one thing, the dragon was force sensitive.

A Hazel eye poked over the arm rest as she spotted the dragon was asleep? Standing from where she was hiding, she slowly made her way over towards it. She was mostly terrified by its size, but the fear soon turned into curiosity. Figuring the creature didn’t know basic, she used the force to speak to it.

A slender hand reached out, shaking at first, and then soon steadying as she spoke through the currents of the Force.

Hello there, is there something I can do for you?

You know, it probably wasn’t the best idea to question a sleeping dragon…but Spencer wasn’t always the brightest tool in the shed.

@[member="Faenrovon The Radiant"]
It's a Givin

One enormous yellow eye opened.

An impossibly deep, rumbling voice spoke in @[member="Spencer Jacobs"]' mind.

"Hello, mortal. Hmm," Faenrovon inhaled deeply. "You smell powerful, for one of such a puny form. Are you the one called Yun-Harla? They say you wield great strength. I come to see for myself. Impart what knowledge you have upon me, mortal of the golden hair."