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Character Her Royal Highness, The Queen of Naboo, Kairi Naberrie

Kairi Naberrie


Kairi Leidias

Real NameKairi Reyln Leidias-Naberrie
AliasKairi Naberrie, Cordé (Handmaiden Decoy)
BirthplaceLake Country, Naboo
FactionThe Confederacy
Political AffiliationCenter-Left (Centralist)
TitlesQueen of Naboo, Lady of House Naberrie
HomeTheed City, Naboo
Force Sensitive????
Height5ft 9in
Weight135 lbs
Hair ColorAsh Brown
Eye ColorBlue
Skin ColorTan
Distinctive featuresScar on left collarbone from vibro-blade attack.
WriterThe Wolf
Image sourcePinterest


    Early Years (837 ABY - 858 ABY)
    Born Kairi Leidias-Naberrie to Harman Naberrie and Keila Leidias in the year 837 ABY on Naboo. Her father was the heir to the Royal House of Naberrie, one of the Ancient Houses that held power and influence on the garden world. Her mother, was a Representative of then Queen Pyne, a respected and well revered leader of the Naboo people. Both her mother and father worked through the many changes of influence that effected Naboo and were instrumental with the constitutional changes that allowed Kairi to be appointed the first Hereditary ruler of Naboo. Kairi continues to play an influential role in both politics at home and abroad – recently being appointed a Viceroy for the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

    Trained in politics from a young age, attending various institutions around the Galaxy at the behest of the Royal Houses of Naboo – she was appointed a Princess of Naboo at the age of 15 and heir apparent prior to the constitutional changes instituted in the year 858 ABY. The changes included making the eldest of the Princess (At the time of the vote.) the rightful leader of the Naboo system, as well as changing how the throne moved from one person to another. It was a clear sign that Naboo was returning to their roots. The election process was eliminated by an overwhelming vote and a hereditary monarchy was re-established – thus, thrusting Kairi into the spotlight as the new Queen. Prior to her ascension as Queen, she faced a political spat between the Gungans and the Naboo over trade rights to which she resolved expeditiously and professionally.

    With the abolishment of the electoral process by the people of Naboo, and the constitutional changes implemented after the historical vote – the door was left open for Kairi to assume her role as the leader of the Naboo people. She would continue to be aided by the Naboo Royal Advisory Council and would be allowed to weigh in on laws and against them while the Royal Houses of Naboo would assume roles in parliament. Despite the overwhelming vote for the changes, there was some push-back against them. A few official ceremonies attempted by the Princess of Theed were driven back by demonstrations – and even rioting. Eventually, calm would reside over the masses as the C.I.S upper echelons moved in to back the young Queen to be, and the economic growth under her brief tenure became apparent.

    Rise of a Queen (858 ABY)


    The Plot and Return to Prominence(859 ABY)

    The Knights Obsidian had received intel that an attack was going to occur on the day of her Coronation, which ironically was being held in conjunction with the festivities surrounding CIS making Naboo their homeworld. Kairi was placed under heavy guard, until the hour before the ceremony when they utilized specific security measures to swap Kairi, with one of her handmaidens. Unfortunately for the Kingdom of Naboo, they would indeed lose a Queen - for a while at least. An explosion occurred on the parade route, followed by heavy gunfire which led to a few CIS causalities, and the destruction of the entire Rebel force. However, civilians and innocents died as well - to include the Handmaiden disguised as Kairi. News would flood Naboo and the CIS that the newly minted Queen who as beloved by most as a Princess - was murdered. A new Queen ushered herself in, and took the seat of power under a light of heavy scrutiny and suspicion. Over the next several months, the Knights Obsidian - led by Voph Voph and Teyla Ee'everwest Teyla Ee'everwest , along with Royal Security Forces began to unravel the plot against Kairi - thrusting the elusive new Queen into the light. Things would come to a head at the Festival of the Harvest Moon - when Kairi reappeared and confronted her would be assassins. It was then that the faux Queen fled off world, leaving Kairi to return to her throne, and rule peacefully as she originally intended.

    But this is Chaos, nothing is ever truly peaceful.


    Kairi was never one for relationships growing up and even when she got old enough to understand relationships on an intimate level, it didn't appeal to her. Her dedication to the people of Naboo, the Alliance, the Confederacy and democracy as a whole has kept her satisfied.
    • Harman Naberrie (Father)
    • Keila Leidias (Mother/Deceased)
    • Unidentified Sibling


    " Of course not. It's not that at all. I'm talking about something bigger. You spend all of your time worrying about the problems of other people. Of that particular planet and their dispute with this planet, or if some corporation is acting fairly towards a particular system. Every bit of your energy is being thrown out there so everyone else can have a better life. "— Harman Naberrie-Leidias to his daughter, Kairi, regarding her dedication to others.

    Kairi has always done what is best for others without thought of gain for herself. At times, she gave into her more impulsive and stubborn side which she inherited from her mother. She is more calm and collective which are traits she inherited from her father. She learned her passion and dedication through school and her mother's sacrifice to the cause of freedom. She is also a very persuasive and extremely empathetic speaker, which is evident in her speeches and her other works. Her abilities to befriend others is understated, but Kairi is quick to refuse individuals who try to get emotionally close to her.

    Kairi can read, write and speak: Galactic Basic Standard, Mon Calamarian, Gunganese, High Galactic, Ithorese and Rodese.

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