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Help with bio/backstory

Thorac Katon

Darth Virelor
I am developing a character loosely based on Tom Hardy's Bane character. Pretty much what I want to do is that he was kidnapped by Mandalorian's at a very young age, then in turn taken by the Sith after a raid on the Mando's compound and made an apprentice. How I want it to end up is my character ending up having an affair with his master's wife, the master finding out, and it ending up in a battle between the master and my character resulting in my character bringing down the whole building on himself and the master. This would then result in the mask and implants my character has, keeping him alive. I am just struggling with where the backstory would fit in with the timeline, such as what planets it occurs on and what he would have been doing since. I planned on having the battle occur approximately 10 years ago, and my character being about 40-45 years old. Any suggestions in this thread or via PM are greatly appreciated.
I love the character concept. [member="Thorac Katon"]

Dont worry about the timeline. In my opinion it does not matter as much as the overall story which you already have and its awesome. Go write your story and let the time line figure itself out.