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Hellstrom-class, Fleet Carrier

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Fiolette Fortan



  • Intent: To submit a modern fleet carrier for the First Order, and to diversify the First Order navy.

  • Image Source: Adam Kop // Deviantart (x)

  • Canon Link: Reflec (x) | AR-0B Damage Reduction (x) | Anti-Tractor Beam Shroud (x) | Anti-Ion Emissions Tracer (x) | Cap Drains (x) | IFF Confuser (x) | Deflector (x) | Vitus-Series Attitude Thrusters (x) | Hyperwave Transceiver (x) | Aural Sensor (x) | Hyperwave Signal Interceptor (x) | Chaff (x) | Flares (x) | 220-SIG Tactical Sensor Jammer (x) | Firecracker Mines (x) | Missile Deactivation Transmitter (x)

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: Anti-Ion Mesh (x) | E-Warfare System (x) | Longbow Plasma Railguns (x) | Bastion Combat System (x) | 240mm/83 MK74 Hypervelocity Cannons (x) | Particle Lance Turbolaser (x) | Huginn Biocomm Network (x) | Harm Missile Systems (x) | Vindicator-class, Light Carrier (x)


Defenses: High

Hangar: 14 Squadrons

Maneuverability Rating: Very Low

Speed Rating: Low

Hyperdrive Class: 3


  • Combat Information Center: Unlike most vessels, the Hellstrom does not have a bridge per se but rather the CIC. Rather it has the CIC (Combat Information Center) where all tactical, flight operations, and forward operations take place. Officers and crew who work here, work to ensure the Hellstrom’s primary role as a Fire Support Carrier. Command, Strategic Operations, Communications, Tactical and Flight Operations often convene here.

  • Medical Ward: An extensive medical ward with a few small surgical theater, several nurses stations and a research lab. Enable doctors, nurses and medics to keep the crew healthy and in times of crisis the first responders are able to rush the wounded to surgical theaters onboard the Hellstrom while FIMS is en route.

  • Cryogenics: Keeps the severely wounded, or ill on ice until they’re able to be transported to the proper medical facility that can care for them. Cryogenics also serves to house important data and experiments that require the constant cold.

  • Servers: Built next to Cryogenics these servers maintain data necessary to house the Huginn Biocomm Network. Some of the colder air is diverted here from Cryogenics to keep the heat sensitive equipment cool.

  • Engineering: Home of the hypermatter reactor core this is where the heart of the ship rests, you’ll find many auxiliary engineering departments housed here as well.

  • Security: Responsible for keeping law and order Security or Military Police work out of several offices located throughout the ship. Bullpens, brigs, and analyst labs also layout throughout the vessel as well as armouries and blaster ranges.

  • Logistics: Supplies, personnel, machining, distribution, toolmaking, purchasing and finances this is a key department throughout the Navy, and it’s key here on the Hellstrom. Quartermaster, Billet and other offices are located throughout the ship to assist crewmen whenever needed.

  • Flight Operations: With fourteen squadrons aboard the Hellstrom, Flight Operations is responsible for all sorties, assignments and attack craft maintenance. Day rooms, classrooms and CAG, DCAG offices are also located here within Flight Operations.

  • Commissary: A small market that enables the crew and officers to purchase their own personal supplies, trinkets and snacks.

  • Hygienics: Hair salons, dry cleaning, nails, tailoring and other amenities necessary to keep all personnel clean and within standard regulations are available.

  • Gym: Workout facilities, saunas and fitness centers are also located within the vessel, however small they may be.

  • Science Labs: Basic scientific labs are outfitted on the Hellstrom, nothing in depth here.

  • Tibanna Monitor Rooms: Specific to the Hellstrom and any ship that dares carry the Longbow. These rooms are located throughout the vessel and monitor all tibanna gas that passes through the ship.

  • Hangar: Where all the attack craft rest when not on duty, they often undergo inspections here as well.

  • Cargo Bay: Supplies of various kinds are stored within the cargo bays.

  • Flight Deck: Just above the hangar, this is where the attack craft are lifted to, and take off from. This flight deck is longer and larger as opposed to the flight decks of the Vindicator and the Voyager.

  • Maintenance: Crews work round the clock to keep all the ‘birds’ in order and work out of maintenance to get carts, gear and other necessary equipment.

  • Fabrication: These machine and fabrication centers enable the Hellstrom to produce parts for the many ‘birds’ that call it home. Keeping the attack craft well maintained is key to flight operations here.

  • Crew Lounge: There are a few lounge areas as well as observation decks that serve as relaxation areas throughout the ship.

  • Holo-Simulation: These suites serve as both recreational and professional enabling simulations to give the crew of the Hellstrom a better of idea of strategy, plans and outcomes of various scenarios.

  • Gun Controls: Throughout the Hellstrom teams work to operate the various guns aboard the carrier.

  • Standard Warship Tractor / Pressor Beams

  • Standard Warship Hazard and Damage Control Systems

  • Advanced Warship Sensors and Targeting Systems

  • Standard Warship Communications Systems

  • Standard Warship Environmental Control Systems


  • Effective Range: The Hellstrom’s main focus is harassment at long range with her Longbows, Particle Lances and HVCs. By doing so the Hellstrom fulfills a much needed role within the First Order.

  • Superior Numbers: With the interior of the Hellstrom made to launch double the amount of fighter than the aging Vindicator. The Hellstrom looks to overwhelm opponents with numbers.

  • Blowback: Armed and equipped with the new Longbow plasma railguns, the Hellstrom risks a serious blowback from having this many on her. At any given time if one of the Longbows has an overcharge or experiences a blowback the results will be catastrophic.

  • Slow Turn: The Hellstrom has a considerably low turn rate making it harder for her to face opponents on her port or starboard sides

  • Effective Range: While the Hellstrom is capable of harassing her opponents at long range, she is however weak in mid to close range. Get up close to her and there’d be little she could do.

Even with war at their doorstep, Grand Admiral [member="Cyrus Tregessar"] and Fleet Admiral Fiolette Yvarro began a two-fold program. The first being the Montague Programme spearheaded by a bold naval officer who took the initiative in offering new and innovative methods for modernising the First Order’s current fleet. The second being a new ship program which enabled both the Grand Admiral and Fleet Admiral to work together, overseeing new projects and signing off on them. In this way they could prevent their fleet from becoming bloated and ensure that each class of ship has a unique role to play in the overall scheme of the Navy and her purpose.

With this in mind the two Admirals realised that their fleet lacked one critical component. A dedicated carrier and fleet carrier, in an effort to help solve this problem. Fiolette Yvarro oversaw the Hellstrom Project in this project a new design was drafted to include not only additional hangars and two incredibly long flight decks. But, it would also include a new weapon now available within the First Order arsenal, the Longbow Plasma Railgun. A suitable weapon for a vessel not dedicated to close engagements.

In fact the Hellstrom’s weaponry is all suited for long range. With the exception being her defensive emplacements, the Hellstrom’s purpose is to provide the First Order with superior attack numbers.

A direct response to the Galactic Alliance’s numerous carriers.

The Hellstrom’s construction would require considerable funding, and so Fiolette reached out to several organizations. The Halm Imperial Association, Cerea Naval Foundation and the Tarkin Naval Foundation. With funding (however limited) the carrier would begin construction at Fiolette’s Rakata Beta Imperial Shipworks. She then enlisted Coveway Imperial Shipworks as a secondary shipyard to increase production of the Hellstrom. Due to the size and delicate nature of installing the necessary equipment for the ship, including tibanna gas lines directly into the Longbow the Hellstrom will most likely be ready in the third quarter of the year with her titular vessel the FIV Hellstrom making her debut.

Keels that have been laid down thus far: FIV Hellstrom, FIV Howard, FIV Henderson, FIV Heliopolis, and the FIV Hesperus. Hellstrom, Howard and Heliopolis are the first of the line to be seen as of the third quarter, a secondary line including prospective ships FIV Havant, FIV Hero, FIV Havelock and FIV Hotspur will be the last to round out the line starting in 852 ABY.

Travis Caalgen

<p>Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.</p>

Fiolette Fortan

Update for PVS inbound, but FOCIE is the First Order [Major Faction]

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