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Hello Fellow Star Wars Appreciators!


Hey guys! I am very new to the whole Role playing scene, as I thought it was very intriguing especially when it comes to my most beloved franchise, Star Wars!

As with all noobies, I actually do have some questions regarding some stuff if you guys don't mind answering :)

Usernames - Does my profile have to have the name of my character?

Factions - I was thinking of joining the silver jedi. If so, do I just join automatically or are there some processes involved with it?

Character Creation - This one's a biggie... So I want to make a Jedi Padawan (Sort of like Kanan Jarrus before he was appointed knight). But my questions include art. Do I need fully custom art or can I get a reference off of the internet?

Ships - Are canon ships allowed, or do they have to be fully custom as well?

I think that's all of them! I look forward to role playing with you guys!

May the force be with you

Lord Mettallum

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I Lord Mettallum shall help you organic
If you go and edit your profile you will see a tab called sub accounts that is what you use to make a character and the sub account should be the name of the character

You are able to join any faction. Most are public but some factions are private and when you attempt to join them you will send a request to the faction owner who then will decide whether to accept you or not

For character creation you may use any non inappropriate art as long as you source where you got it from. Now if you want to be a padawan i suggest you post a looking for jedi master thread in the looking for group section of the website just make sure you do not make a character that is in star wars canon

Most canon ships are allowed so if you want to fly a tie fighter go ahead but do not get unique ships like the falcon. I am unsure on the process of getting one of the unique canon ships

Now I Lord Mettallum hope this was helpful and I Lord Mettallum woulf love to rp with you one day
In regards to joining Factions. The complexity of the process is entirely dependant on you.

In regards to art, it doesn't need to be custom. You can use an internet reference. Furthermore, in regards to ships you can't have the Falcon or anything like that. But, you can have a type of ship or something like that.

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