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Approved Tech Hekler'Kok AMR-1 Anti Materiel Rifle

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Noah Corek

Factory Judge
Factory Judge

Credit: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/File:Anti-materiel_rifle_1_2_3.png
Intent: To design a weapon that can be used to stop armored vehicles or take down large animals,which ever the users preference
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Hekler'Kok Defense Industries
Model: Hekler'Kok AMR-1 Anti Materiel Rifle
Affiliation: Independent
Modularity: Different Scopes (Higher Power,Thermal and Night Vision)
Production: Minor
Material: Carbon Fiber (Stock & Grip) Durasteel
Description: Designed by Noah Corek,the Hekler'Kok AMR-1 Anti Materiel Rifle,like the R-1 Assault Rifle,SR-1 Sniper Rifle and P-1 Pistol,was designed to be cheap to make,cheap to sell,durable and reliable. To be able to make it cheap to make,the weapon is made out of large stamped parts,making it both easy to clean and easy to produced at the same time,due to this it can be sold at nearly half the price of other slugthrowers like it. Due to the large parts,its is highly resistant to elements ranging from freezing snow to scorching heat. Unlike the other weapons in the Hekler'Kok armory tends to gravity towards anti-infantry role,this weapon gravitates towards the anti-vehicle,even though you can use it to take out infantry,with devastating effects. This weapon is anything but light,do to the massive size of both the weapon and cartridge,this weapon is extremely heavy and not meant for CQC. While the weapon is neither compact nor light,it is great at shooting major distances,being able to hit targets,and destroy them,at over a kilometer and a half.
Classification: High-Caliber Anti Materiel Rifle
Size: Handheld/Mounted
Status: Limited,Military
Length: 162.3 Centimeters
Weight: 11.2 Kilograms
Ammunition Type: 12.7mmx108mm Slugs (Armor-Piercing,Incendiary and Explosive)
Ammunition Capacity: 8 Round Magazine
Effective Range: 1600 Meters


Null Prime
I don't see anything at issue with this weapon except for the weight. The weight should be at least 10 kg, if not around 12 kg.

Also, it's technically anti-materiel, not anti-material. :p

Please tag me in your reply. Thanks!
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