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Heavy Rain (Sefu)

Silara Varis


Near Coruscant
ANS Resolute Vengeance

Time was going real slow for Silara. Whilst most of her comrades were Captaining vessels on the border between the Alliance An First Order borders, she'd been sent out here to answer a disturbing call from the local defence fleet.

Something about a vessel named the Shattered Spear materializing in the middle of a civilian space lane, and a subsequent other vessel coming right in behind it. The problem wasn't the derelict by itself, but the fact that stray fire from the hunter vessel had nicked some of the civies.

And then she got an even bigger tip from SIS contacts the The Shattered Spear might be holding an ancient artifact of astounding force power. So now this was a black ops mission. That suited the young Captain fine, because she loved to get dirty and had no compunctions about spilling blood.

"Cap'n, we're about to make reversion."

Silara clicked her comlink and nodded.

"Got it, be there in a few."

Today had started as all other days, with a trip to the gym. Hyperspace travel was a long boring affair, and the gym aboard the ANS Resolute Vengeance was the only real thing that kept the young Captain sane. With a grunt she finished her last push-up sets and rose, sweat hitting the floor slowly in micro gravity.

Then a quick trip to the refreshers, and then the bridge.

Just as she entered, their was a flash and the lone Frigate ripped into realspace...

Sitting on the comfortable command seat with the holographic projection of the tactical screen in front of him, Sefu observed the trajectory his target followed as the Stargazer pursued it.

"We've entered jamming range, Sir." The communications officer reported over the intercom.

"Commence jamming immediately." The helmeted man ordered calmly as an affirmative came in as a reply.

The Shattered Spear would truly be shattered today, he hoped. Sefu was tired of the constant pursuit. It was high time he captured the price.

A blip on his tactical screen and an immediate report informed the captain of the appearance of another vessel in proximity. A reversal from hyperspace.

"Identify, officer."

"Alliance design, Sir."

"Continue with the operation."

He wished to finish this before the Alliance ship became a factor. Nonetheless, Sefu weighted his options. An Alliance vessel would shift the rules of the battleground.

[member="Silara Varis"]​

Silara Varis


"Bridge, XO, report."

"Ma'am vessel designated Stargazer has just entered system, in hot pursuit it looks like."

Silara gritted her teeth, holding both hands clasped behind her back. Her temper was rising and her XO could sense it. The Shattered Spear lingered in their scopes. She had orders to search the vessel, or destroy it, but these new folks gave her a challenge. Were they here to claim the prize as their own? Or were they simple passer bys?

Never the less Silara was a paranoid woman. She wondered if so much time working as an Agent was the cause.

"Helm bring us about bearing six-six zero. Declination ninety degrees. Comm's hail the the Stargazer and ask for a confirmation of Salvage license."

It was a hoax. She knew they had no salvage licence. Most folks never did, but she was by the book. The rules came first, everything else was second.​
::Stargazer, transmit Salvage liscence Docket # and security Code::
"Ma'am, their jamming us!"

Silara seethed,


"Yes Ma'am?"

"Prepare firing solutions, Mini Javelin, Heavy Javelin and Mass drivers arm. Load all torpedo tubes, standbye to fire."

"Aye Ma'am!"

She would see what they did. If they fired, she'd meet them in kind...
Sefu watched as the Stargazer rapidly closed down on the Shattered Spear. The Carrack-class' remarkable speed in action. Before he could give the order to fire, a transmission from deck came through.

"Sir, we're reporting activity on the Alliance ship. Too far to confirm but possibly arm preparation."

"Keep us at full speed. We need to get as close to the Spear as possible. Are we in ion cannon range of fire?"

"Acknowledged, Sir. And yes we are."

"Fire at will, officer." Sefu ordered and watched the events unfold.

The ion cannons could direct their fire at the Shattered Spear shifted and initiated their salvo of blue colored charges. While the Stargazer kept closing in on the Spear. The closer they got, the more the Alliance risked damaging a potential victim. Sefu assumed protocols within the Alliance were more strict regarding collateral damage than more tyrannous regimes.

Of course, that was just an assumption.

[member="Silara Varis"]​

Silara Varis

Near Coruscant
ANS Resolute Vengeance

Weapons in Link ^^

"Stargazer, firing!"


"Shattered Spear, looks like they are letting loose too Ma'am."

"Kark. All weapons go?"


For a moment she hesitated, weighing the options. The Heavy Javelin was a ship killer, and if their was some kind of civillian presence on the Shattered Spear and they grazed it even, they'd all die. But on the other hand the Stargazer had just committed a crime, firing upon a vessel unprovoked in Alliance space, and possible illegal salvage.

Mission parameters directed she got there first and not their adversary. She also had strict orders to scuttle the derelict if it was compromised. Duty clashed with honor and righteousness. In the end her cold calculating mind won out. Duty first all else second.

She produced a pack of death sticks a tapped one from the carton to her palm.

"Very well, Ion cannons and Heavy Javelin fire, Mini Javelin train on the Shattered Spear. All Ions, all Mass drivers, on my mark."

She brought the deathstick to her lips and struck a match, inhaling the flame to the end and setting a cloud of blue haze into the air.


The ANS Resolute Venegance's decks rumbled beneath her feet. Ferrocarbon slugs roared down the magnetic barrels, accelerated past the sonic barrier. Mass drivers followed and deadly array of white ion beams criss-crossed, streaking for the enemy. Silara felt her pulse quicken, elation of the drugs mixing with endorphins from the battle.

"All cannons away, resetting Heavy Javelin. Two minutes, time"
Sefu held tight upon the handles of his seat as the Stargazer rocked from the impact of the Alliance vessel's attacks.

"Damage report." He immediately inquired.

"Severe damage on the shields, Sir. We're being hit by physical projectiles. Hyperve-"

"I could feel that." The agent sighed. The Alliance vessel was much bigger fish than he expected. "The Spear?"

"Sustained heavier damage than us. Possibly a hull breach, as well."

"Forget the shields. Focus all power on the engines. We need to put the Spear between us and the Alliance."

"Roger that, Sir."

Abruptly after with a wave of his hand, Sefu changed the holo tactical map in front of him to a status report of his ship. The bar that represented the percentage of the ship's deflector shields was drained to zero. Weapons were less than half powered down while the engines were in an overdrive.

If Sefu was a pious man, you could say he was living on a prayer.

[member="Silara Varis"]​

Silara Varis

Near Coruscant
ANS Resolute Vengeance

"Cap'n they're moving between the Spear and us."

She was faced with even more hard choices. She had already chosen to scuttle the Shattered Spear. But against all odds hoped it could be saved. It was foolish, and this was a fool's situation. She grunted as their cannons began to recharge. They'd have another minute at least whilst the capacitors spun up enough energy for the next salvo.

"Very well. As of now we are setting the Spear to Condition Zero. All weapons fixate targeting solutions and open fire."

Her hands trembled a bit as she brought her smoke to her lips. She was either gonna be a hero, or if their was anyone worth saving on the vessel. She was gonna be a villain.

Naval command sucked. Damned if you did, damned if you don't.

From her sides the Dual Heavy Mass Driver cannons fired, pounding the hull of the Spear. Combined with a few well placed Proton torpedoes which blossomed in bright orange across the vessels hull, it was a punishing punch. Pieces of armor began to come off and she could see the fuel and oxygen leaking into the void, in beautiful streams of crytsals...

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