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  • Image Source: Game-Icons.Net
  • Canon Link: Not Applicable
  • Development Thread: Not Directly Applicable, though there are the following threads and submissions which could easily act as development:
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  5. In A Dark Wood
  6. Swan Song
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  8. Rhak-Skuri Frir / Bleeding Me
  • Primary Source: Not Applicable
  • Corporation Name: Hearthfire Forge
  • Headquarters: Midvinter
  • Locations: Hearthfire Forge, Thainbroek, Midvinter (Exclusively)
  • Operations: Unique/Semi-Unique Alchemical Trinkets, Weapons, and Armour.
  • Tier: Tier 1
Hearthfire Forge is a labour of love, Kära's legacy so to speak. Working out of the outskirts of Thainbroek, on the snowy world of Midvinter, it remains carefully tucked away from prying eyes and allows the Queen of Midvinter some solitude to work. While up until this point the creations she has forged have been personal, and thus have garnered nothing in the way of monetary returns, Kära is hoping that she can offer her services to the people of Midvinter predominantly, who work off a barter system, or those who come seeking her wares.

Every piece is intended to be made to order, unique to the individual making the request. Weapons capable of withstanding the strange blades of the Force Users, for the Valkyri, trinkets capable of long range communications, Valkyri steel strengthened for armour... In truth her desire with the Forge is to aid the people she has come to call her own. But that won't stop her from helping others, for a price.

Very much a one-man circus, Kära tends to the entirety of the Forge alone. Each creation takes hours of her life, and sometimes even small pieces of herself, to construct. She has no intentions of it growing beyond what it already is, as such would defeat the inherent purpose.

Ever since she was a young child studying with the Sith, Kära has been practicing the ancient art of Sith Alchemy. Under the eyes of countless tutors she forged a great many things, and with time created her own method and name for herself as an artisan in her own right. After settling down on Midvinter, she designed and aided in the construction of a great Forge set into the mountains just outside of its capital of Thainbroek, from which to devote her time to the craft she adores.

For the most part she creates out of passion, a love for the art, and her creations are very personal, from masks and lightsabers, to trinkets. Being that she has more time to devote, however, she has decided to set up shop with the intent of creating further unique items for those who are willing to pay the price of blood, pain, and information.

The biggest driving factor for the Forge's creation, however, lies further than simply her love to create. It comes out of necessity, with the constant threats which plague her home world Kära realized that the Valkyri needed more than just their simple steel if they had hopes of surviving future attacks. Still, even with their preservation in mind, she desires to keep each piece as unique to the individual as possible.

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