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To give Kaine Zambrano a sword worthy of a Sith Emperor, as well as serve as a payment for the acquisition of Vanr Blood Donations.

Development Thread: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/21448-meeting-the-black-iron-tyrant/
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Leather straps could be put around the handle to make for a more comfortable grip.


evaronian Blood Poison(Blade), Sith Alchemized Metal(grip)
Warren Valik, in preparation for a big project of his, required DNA samples from the Vanr Race. With most of them living on Dromund Kass and presumably being glassed by the artificial meteor showed induced by Captain Larraq and Dromund Kass's eventual capture by the mandalorians Valik did not like his chances of obtaining a specimen there without reaching hostilities. Thus he sought out the once-Emperor Kaine Zambrano, knowing that the man often traveled with his legendary Blackblade Legion, and hoped that one of the members were the scaled flying race. Valik's hopes were met, as Kaine, now King of Panatha, had several Vanr in his service and was willing to give Valik the necessary materials, for the price of a sword made for him with the use of Devaronian Blood Poison.

Valik of course, accepted his offer, and using the former-Emperor now-King's supplies he crafted a blade not of Sith Alchemized metal, but of Sith Alchemized Devaronian Blood Poison. Contrary to popular belief and first thought, Devaronian Blood Poison was actually a gemstone, not a liquid or gas, yet still had extremely painful potency when a creature was exposed to it. Thus, through a combination of telekinesis and Sith Alchemy he molded many of these gemstones to create an entire blade of the substance. Thus the Gemstone-blade retained all of the affects of normal Sith Alchemized metal, that is resistance to lightsabers and absorption/expulsion of Sith Lightning, but also retained it's poisonous effects. Specifically, when the blade comes in contact with skin, regardless of whether or not a cut it made, the flat or the edge of the blade is used to hit him/her, or how much force is generated in the swing, the target experiences extreme pain, to the point where a man's physical senses are dulled and impaired. In this manner it can be effectively used as a torture device, with Kaine merely having to place the flat of the blade onto a target to give him horrifying, but non-lethal, pain. Additional pain is suffered if the blade draws blood, with the effect spreading throughout the blood stream and the body. This, along with the weapon's sharp edge and considerable weight, a full three kilograms, makes it a very powerful and utilitarian weapon, though it requires great strength to wield effectively due to it's heft and length.
Classification: Sword
Size: Hand-and-a-half.
Length: 1.07m(Blade), 1.32m(Total)
Weight: 3kg

Other Features: None not mentioned in the description.

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I love the picture, and the description and item is good.

However, that dev thread has only one post of the actual weapon’s construction. Please lengthen that post out a bit to go a bit more into detail. Do that and I think this will be ready for approval.


Professor of Alchemy

Thank you, though sadly I can only take credit for putting up the description and the item. Kaine managed to find that lovely beauty of a blade. I've edited the post in the dev thread to be quite a bit more extensive, should be enough IMO, but do tell me if you'd like me go a little further.
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