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Hear me out

Keira Priest

The Iron
So, by now I'm sure everyone knows (or is aware of to some extent) the less than glamorous reputation the name Verd has gained in a very short period of time. Fear not, that clan - which consists of just [member="Alkor Centaris"] and I - has never known when to leave well enough alone, so two of its arguably less prominent members will be returning to Mandalore to gain some kind of foothold back into the people and greet whatever welcoming party I'm sure will be present (probably not the good kind).

That being said, who would be interested in participating in such a thread? This is just to get an idea of who should be tagged once it goes up, which will be when either of us have time between school/work/etc.


King of Pumpkins
[member="Keira Ticon"]
If most of Australis is going to be there drinking count me and my son in