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Hawk Solo (WIP)

Hawk Solo

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NAME: Hawk Solo

FACTION: The Order of the Silver Jedi
RANK: Knight
AGE: 28
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6ft 2in
EYES: Blue Eyes
HAIR: Brown


Master: Iella E`ron

Martial Status: Single but dating [member="Leilani Paaie"]

Father: Jedi Master Nathan Solo (Divorced)
Mother: Sabrina Solo (Divorced)

Older brother Brad Solo
Twin sister Samantha Solo


Maddie Crane (Mother is Cynnamon Crane) -died


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum)

STRENGTHS: Hawk is good pilot. He is loyal. He is fast draw due to his force reflexes. Hawk is excellent dancer due to his upbringing. Too charming for his own good.

WEAKNESS: He leaps before he thinks. He relies too much on his charm to get himself out of trouble. He is scared of spiders and snakes. He is not a morning person.

APPEARANCE: Hawk is well built and keep himself fit by jogging. He like to exercise in the morning.


The marriage ended when Hawk was 6. His parents divorced affected him deeply. He never really knew his father growing up. His father was too busy training his brother Brad to be a Jedi. Hawk and his twin sister Samantha Solo were raised by their mom. His mom wanted her children to have a choice in what they did in life. She supported herself by running a dance studio. That where Hawk learned how to danced. He even toyed with becoming a professional dancer. The only reason he didn't was his love of flying

When he was 17, he enrolled himself into a flight school. He was in the top 20 percent in his class. After graduating from high school, Hawk left Corellia to become a smuggler. He was tired of playing it safe.

Now Hawk is 27Lately the force has been haunting his dreams. Everything he dreams is coming true and it scares him. Maybe it was time to learn the ways of the Jedi. He can't continue living with the force controlling him. He wants to be in control.

Hawk joined the Republic and flourish under Iella. Everything was going find until a new Grandmaster was elected to the Jedi order. Old rules were being enforced so when Iella left Hawk followed her to the Order of the Silver Jedi.

During his stay with Silver Jedi, Hawk met many people. He became close to Leori and Satine. Maddie came to live with him full time. Her mother was too busy running mercy missions to raised her.

During his trials Hawk found out that his father Nathan was still alive but working with the Black Sun.

The most trying time in his life came when his former Master Iella died. Hawk was been adrifted ever since searching for amulet in his vision. An amulet that he should leave alone. An amulet that can kill/heal at a whim. Hawk calls it the Angel of Death.

In a surprising turn of events, Hawk find the amulet in his father possession. Just another encounter between father and son that goes wrong.

There is so happiness in Hawk's life. He met and fall in love with [member="Leilani Paaie"]. She bring out his romantic rouge. He ran into a long lost friend [member="Lady Kay"]. She is like a little sister to him.

Many years later.....

Hawk ‘s beloved daughter Maddie has died. A tragic accident that Hawk blames himself and won’t speak of it. He lost touch with friends and family. He blames the force. He going back to the old ways. Back to a smuggler. Life was simpler than. No more being respectable or responsibilities.

Kamikaze is YT-1300 Corellian Frieghtor
Defender-class light corvette (Award this for participating in the Ossus Invasion Thread.)
Swoop bike that is normally stored inside the Kamikaze




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