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Hanta I

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The Black Flame
Name: Hanta I

Region: Wild Space
System: Hantari
Suns: 1
Orbital Position: 3rd from the sun
Moons: 4 (Hanta II, III, IV, V)
Coordinates: I-28 (near the edge of the galaxy and in the hex beside that of Gehenna)
Rotational Period: 36 standard hours
Orbital Period: 732 standard days

Class: Oceanic Giant
Diameter: 140,316km (11 times larger than Earth)
Atmosphere: Type I
Climate: Humid Temperate
Gravity: Standard
Primary Terrain: Ocean

Native species: Hantarian
Immigrated species: Mon Calamari, Quarren, Karkarodon
Primary languages: Mon Calimarian, Quarrenese, Hantarianese
Government: Theocratic House Triad
Population: 536.2 billion (85% Hanatrian, 10% Mon Calimarian, 8.6% Karkarodon, 2.4% Quarren)
Demonym: Hantarii
Major cities:

-Mistari Grand’mel (Underwater Capital)

-Titan Grand’ali (Large, artificial continent-sized city on the surface of the ocean)

-Amal Grand’mel (Large underwater Quarren & Karkarodon city found under Titan Grand’ali)

-Tarenthia Grand’ali (a city about the size of an average off-world city that is dedicated to the creation of weapons, vehicles and scientific discovery and is found on the surface of the ocean)

Major imports: Foodstuffs, building materials, engineers
Major exports: Starships, technology, medicine, bacta
Affiliation: Neutral

Brief Overview

The Hantarian population is known throughout the galaxy for their unique worship of the water. The species as a whole is devoted to the worship of multiple gods who are said to exist side by side with the force and often influence events around the entire galaxy. The species is also highly intelligent and it is considered a prestigious position to be a great thinker or creator and such beings are often held as leaders within the society.


In the words of the Hantarian religion (known to off-worlders as “Oceanic Cultism”)

“In the beginning there were two great beasts, the sea-dragon Mistarana and the fanged fish Corathen. Mistarana was a peaceful goddess who grew board of swimming around the emptiness of space, while Corathen had grown accustomed to the vastness of the void. Mistarana pleaded for Corathen to fill the universe with water so that they could laugh and play, but the God would have none of it and instead created stars for her to gaze at.

“Look upon the lights I have created” the God Corathen said “They are more beautiful than even ourselves and they shall keep your attention for eternity. Now bother me no longer with this nonsense of filling the void with water!” and with that Corathen returned to basking in the emptiness.

The stars would keep Mistarana’s attention for quite some time, but eventually she grew restless once again and pleaded for Corathen to create more for her amusement. Reluctantly, Corathen created solar storms and galaxies for her so that she may dazzle at their lights while he would stay in the darkness between the galaxies and bask in the emptiness. Again, Mistrana grew bored of the things that Corathen had made for her and decided that she must have the water she had been pleading for. So, the Goddess began to create water from the emptiness of space and spent many days shaping it into the form of a sphere.

When she had finished molding the water, she placed it gently on the edge of her favorite galaxy. Once it had been done, Mistrana began spending all of her time splashing in the waters of the new planet and creating many creatures to keep her company. It was not long, however, until Corathen noticed that she had been missing and went off looking for her. He searched every galaxy until he came upon the planet of Mistrana’s creation. So angry was Corathen that Mistrana had created water behind his back that he burst into a fit of rage that shook many scales from his large body. His scales would fly across the galaxy and become the planets that now fill the universe.

“How could you defy me!” Corathen shouted “you fill the void up with more and more until now it is so full I can no longer swim without bumping into something new!” and with his mighty tail he destroyed the water planet and sent the oceans crashing across the galaxy and landing upon many of the worlds created by his scales.

Mistrana, angry at Corathen for his destruction of her planet, attacked the great fanged fish. The duel would last for centuries and change the faces of each planet forever. Some would become dry from the heated breath of Corathen while others would be covered up in scales from his body as he tried to cover up the oceans.

This is only part of the story which leads into the defeat and banishment of Corathen who creates the netherworld of the force as his lair. After his defeat, Mistrana goes on to recreate her planet which becomes the homeworld of the Hantarian race. It also depicts multiple “good” goddess and gods creating other aquatic sentience across the galaxy and details the formation of non-aquatic sentience from the scales of Corathen.

In a nutshell, Oceanic Cultism teaches the belief that water is what all planets were originally made out of and that all water originally came from Hanta I. Through this belief, it is culturally accepted that the Hantarian have a right to all water in the universe and are obligated to protect it. Non-Hantarian followers of Oceanic Cultism do exist and are usually other amphibious sentients who think they are just as obligated to defend the oceans as the Hantarian are.

It is believed in Oceanic Cultism that those who are evil are sent to the Netherworld of the force which is ruled by Corathen who devours the most evil of souls and uses the rest as eternal labor. Those who are seen as righteous are ushered into the “Great Reef” a oceanic paradise that is ruled by Mistrana.

Main Religious Figures

  • Mistrana: Goddess of creation and lady of all water. Her spirit is believed to reside in all water across the universe while her true self can only be seen once you have gained entrance into the Great Reef. She is believed to appear in the universe as a massive sea dragon and usually interferes with mortals only when the safety of the ocean is at risk.

  • Corathen: God of the Netherworld of the Force and punisher of the wicked. He is believed to be a vengeful and angry God who spends eternity cursing the oceans. He interferes with mortals to influence the evil men of the universe to mistreat the oceans.

  • Tarenthamatha: Goddess of creation and thinking, she is believed to exist simultaneously in the minds of all great thinkers and resides in the Great Reef with her mother. She is believed to appear as a mermaid-like creature with seashells for hair and influences mortals in the area of scientific and technological creations.

  • Serath: Goddess of storms and destruction who serves the will of Corathen by sending great hurricanes and ocean storms upon mortals. She is also believed to send meteor showers and galactic storms. She is believed to appear as a massive Jelly fish.

The Force in religion

In Oceanic Cultism, the force is seen as a gift bestowed upon those by either Mistrana who gives the gift in order for those who use it to do good or by Corathen who bestows it upon the wicked so that they may spread chaos. It is often viewed that those who use the force should use it to save the waters of the universe and thus many cruel feelings are associated with Jedi and other such organizations who do not act to protect oceanic worlds such as Mon Calamari.

The inhabitants

The species that live on the planet go exist fairly well and the natives get along with each species in harmony. Problems do tend to arise between the Quarren and Mon Calamari populations, however, as the Quarren's claim to be mistreated by the Mon Calamari and even go as far as saying that the poverty rate in their city is much worse than that of Titan (where most Mon Calamari live). Despite these claims, the Karkarodon species never supports either side and tends to keep quiet. There has even been times when violent riots happened both below and above the water between the Quarrens and Mon Calamari, resulting in an armed response by the natives.


The government of the planet is made up of three “Great Houses” that are each run by a noble family. These noble families make up a theocratic council that work together to create laws and make sure the ways of the Oceanic Cultists are upheld on the planet. Most laws fall within the influence of Oceanic Cultism and each noble family is chosen to serve on the council by a vote of the current council (based on the great thinkers and morals of the house).

The current council consists of the following families

House Greyshell: Lead by Waves on the Shore, House Greyshell is the most respected family on the planet and is known for their diplomatic skills.

House Tides: Lead by One who Swims like the Waves, House Tides is the most militaristic of the current council.

House Morning Sun: Lead by Reflections on the Ocean, House Morning Star is the most renowned family of inventors on the planet.

Technology: Advanced
History: Over the past several thousand years, life has been evolving on the planet under its vast oceans that completely cover the planet. It is believed that sentient species began to appear around the time of Darth Krayt’s Empire but did not evolve to full sentience until the time of the darkness. While the Gulag plague ravaged the rest of the galaxy, Hanta was sparred due to the lack of tourism or any real population.

A few centuries into the darkness, the newly sentient natives used their naturally powerful minds to decipher the secrets of ancient Rakatan temples found under the ocean. As it turns out, but is unknown to the natives, the world used to resemble Earth with massive continents and oceans separating them. However, after the fall of the Rakatan Empire the oceans began to rise and extreme shifting of the planets plates soon turned it into an oceanic world.

After these old Rakatan ruins were discovered, the species shot forward in its technological understanding and soon began to forge a planet wide government while the rest of the galaxy fumbled in the shadows. The Hantarian even began to travel the galaxy again while the Gulag Plauge was still killing off the galaxies largest civilization. The Hantarian saw this, however, and instead of trying to make contact they began to search out options in other galaxies.

The species would never colonize outside of their own galaxy, but they did launch such a colonization effort against a planet of primitive sentience. Little is known of what became of this colonization effort aside from the fact that it lead to a full scale attempt to annihilate the native species and ended with the primitives defeating the technologically superior force. Since this supposed defeat, the species has never again attempted such a expensive and large operation outside of the galaxy.

Once the darkness ended and civilization began to recuperate, the Hantarian decided to make contact. Their technological skills and scientific knowledge led them to become renowned shipbuilders and the planet now imports the materials they lack to make modern warships and then uses these materials to build starships in mass and sell them to the highest bidder.

It was soon after this making of contact that the Hantarian way of life began to appeal to many aquatic species throughout the galaxy and began flocking to the planet. Many Mon Calamari left their planet to become the middlemen for the Hantarian and their clients and Quarren came to sell their goods to the species. Eventually a large amount of Karkarodon flocked to the planet as the culture appealed to them and they were offered good money to serve as the Hantarian’s enforcers.

As the species grew in popularity and their ships got more popular, they believed it to be a necessity to make it more difficult for a foreign power to invade. To do this, the species covered their planet in an artificial veil of clouds with a machine of their own creation. This veil obscures the ground from view and keeps satellites and ships from being able to conduct thorough scans of the surface. In order to see what is happening beyond the clouds you must enter past the atmosphere which puts you at great risk of detection.

It is also worth mentioning that all but a single moon are also covered in ocean. Hanta III is a rock moon without an atmosphere.

Notable PC's:

Intent: To create an awesome species that is interesting to play with.
@[member="Ronin Fel"]

This submission looks good, but there are a few things I'd like to point out / ask about:
  • You have written much information about their religion, but how does the planet as a whole view the Force?
  • There are many species living on the planet. Since the culture section in this submission does not say much about their culture besides their rather unique religion and I couldn't find much about it from your species submission either, I'm going to ask you to add information about how the four species get along, how their society works (more information than the caste system, please), maybe even about planet-wide events/holidays. Also, how do they treat newcomers who are not amphibious nor fish-like? Do they have docks or any other places other species could use?
  • The third point is also about how the planet works together. It's not a big thing, but I'd like to know a bit more about how the planet-wide government established. Was it a peaceful thing or did people rebel against it at first? How does the government work now? How do normal people (read: lower-caste people) feel about the government?
These are the things that almost immediately popped out when I started reading this. Please @mention me when you're done.
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