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Approved Location Hadleigh's Retreat

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Intent: To establish a home away from home for Hadleigh on Kuat.

Image credit: Ken Fairclough, ArtStation (all images)

Canon: No
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Structure name: Hadleigh's Retreat

Classification: Personal estate

Location: Somewhere remote, Kuat
Affiliation: [member=Hadleigh Purkis]

Accessibility: The estate is well hidden deep within a remote mountain range on Kuat. Officially the location is a no-fly zone and wildlife reserve, excluded to the general population. The only way to truly access the location is by shuttle or somehow make the long hike up.

Security: The location itself is not well-defended on the exterior. Heavy encryption, firewalls, surge protection, automated alert systems--as well as security guards--defend the estate against infiltration, sabotage, and limited assault.

Description: Overall the estate is modest and has a small exterior structure, with some additional structure being built into the mountain it's anchored into; including a hidden hangar bay. The estate serves the purpose of housing and as such comes designed with comfort in mind, bearing all the works a home is expected to have. However, there are some light facilities within including a hydroponics lab and security station for the estate's guards.

Points of interest:


The estate's hydroponics lab is a privately funded and staffed effort by Hadleigh. The purpose is to research improvements in GMOs and other modifications to suitable food growth on extreme worlds. All research is made publicly available once thorough testing shows positive results as an effort to improve house Purkis' public image within the intergalactic community. Although there have been rumours that KDY--through this research--is also developing potential chemical agents which can equally destroy agriculture rather than save it.


The security station within the estate is small. Housing only six bunks for its equally numbered guard force. There is a monitoring station to assist in the identification of threats before they have a chance to reach the estate, and a rather impressive armoury packed with military hardware usually reserved for special forces operatives. No information on this station is available to the public. Security guards are vetted privately and extensively to ensure that Hadleigh's protection is sound-minded, discreet, and loyal.


Inside the estate is a small medical bay staffed by a single doctor and medical assistant. The purpose of this bay is to provide emergency medical assistance to Hadleigh and her security force in times of need. it is stocked with essential medical equipment, surgical tools, and a bacta tank. Despite this it remains unsuitable for long-term care or advanced medical procedures, which ought to be conducted in a proper hospital under the supervision of multiple doctors and medical staff.

History: Hadleigh's retreat was constructed in recent years, even before her new role as the public head of Kuat Drive Yards. Before then it was mostly utilized as location where she could study and practice in private, as her family insisted that she spend time away from public attention and other distractions. Since then it has received numerous upgrades to the security station and the included addition of a medical bay. Hadleigh has never invited anyone outside of her close family to this location, so its exact details remain unknown to all but a select few.
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