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Approved Location G'ydor Palace

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Intent: To Create A Governor's Palace On Ord Biniir

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Links: Dascoria City


Structure Name: G'ydor Palace

Classification: Governor's Homestead

Location: Ord Biniir

Affiliation: The Sith Ascendancy, Satia the Cruel (Current Governor appointed by the Sith Ascendancy)

Accessibility: The palace is not easily accessible to non-diplomatic individuals.

Security: One company of TAIC and when Satia the Cruel is there, The Dread Knights


The palace was constructed on the eastern side of the city, on a 15 meter mountain top overlooking the majority of the city. To make room for the palace, several forest regions where removed adding to the size of the city itself. The Palace is three stories high and has a width of 45 meters.

The palace was created with a Victorian architecture style to provide a historical throwback associated with the early designs of the city's first homes. The palace is heavily guarded to protect visiting diplomats to Ord Biniir, and Dascoria City by proxy. Every door on the palace is created from turadium while every window is coated with a liquid form of electromesh.

Due to the setting of the palace, a lone single path leads up to the palace, providing more defense for the palace; making any ground assault almost nearly impossible since any enemy would be tightly packed making them easy pickings. Four anti-ship artillery batteries surround the palace, adding a small defense from aerial assaults.




In 850 ABY, the palace was quickly assembled with the arrival of the Sith Ascendancy. The governor of Ord Binnir, appointed by the Circle of the Lords, resides here; thus hosting diplomatic gatherings and banquets with high ranking officials. Any and all dealings that affect ORd Biniir are discussed here.
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