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Darth Gyaumchem
Hei hei!

I'm planning on a -400m Gunship/Frigate to give Ahani for some naval play, anyone have any ideas on the make/model which would be best?

And Atrisian?
Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
I have a basically finished write up for something which I intended to be effectively a submarine. I submitted it before the wipe and was asked to do a dev thread, but have no idea how it would be received now (also this was before I knew about Assault Concussion Missiles, which are basically what I wanted).

We could use a general purpose Corvette or some sort of Heavy Gunship (maybe something along the 50m range) in either an space superiority or bomber role. As for other Frigates, we have a General Purpose one and an anti-Fighter one, and the anti-capital one I developed, so we're pretty good on the frigate side of things. But if you have an idea don't hesitate to just roll with it.