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Dominion Growing Pains | SJC Dominion of Chokan

Grandmaster of the Saber

Objective: 1

Good. They were looking better. The Grandmaster nodded his head in approval as their form began to tighten with each bit of practice the refugees had. Josh had drilled them hard, to say the least, but he was fair. And he always gave credit where it was due. These refugees were still green and rough around the edges. Many of them seemed like they had never had a fight in their lives. But he could definitely say they were spirited. Of course, Josh had ensured they had the motivation. He had been to hundreds of slave camps, and had been part of one at one point. He knew all the horrors that went down there.

And those horrors would motivate them harder than anything. He made it very clear what awaited them if they lost. And even the laziest ones had worked hard as a result. One by one, Josh approached the group and bashed two and fro with a vibroblade. Most of them actually managed to block or counter. Most, anyway. It wasn't a perfect result, but it would do.

"You've earned a break. Grab your drinks from the corner and take twenty" he instructed the group as he sheathed his vibroblade. They just might be able to pull this off.

Motor Mouth

Objective 2 - Bogan's Wraith
Yenna Yenna Yula Perl Yula Perl

"Huh?" Cas felt Yula's elbow softly dig into his side, she told him not to worry about his 'friend' whom he assumed was Ki'an. An eyebrow raised, "What? Oh." he responded, Cas had apparently been caught slipping and accidentally broadcasted his emotions for Yula and possibly Yen to sense. His eyes met hers and the fabric of his protective mask crinkled as his lips formed a smile "I'm good. I'm good." Cas repeated, attempting to save face.

Yula's question provoked a line of thought in Cas' mind. It took only a few seconds for him to ultimately give up though, throwing his shoulders skyward, he made an 'I don't know' vocalisation before responding verbally "Your guess is as good as mine. Wouldn't exactly call myself knowledgable in this sort of stuff."

Cas returned his gaze to the cots ahead before glancing back at Yula "How'd you wanna do this? Split up? Or go in as a couple--duo." he corrected himself, shaking his head.
Directorate Officer
Gir nodded ARS VAMI ARS VAMI . Figures it wouldn't be so easy. I suppose a dumb criminal is not one who lasts long, even on a world such as this.

"I see," said the blonde man, "while we wait for the decryption then, my men and I will continue to instruct the trainees."

With that, the admiral stepped into the ranks of the assembled Shock Marines. Despite their outward appearance, all the marines save Rhodes were actually Hoplite-series Synthetic Soldiers. As capable of fighters that they were, they weren't exactly the sort to be used to instruct actual organics in how to fight - their programming wasn't particularly good for social interactions.

"Men, we will have to wait for more intelligence before we can act. In the mean time, I'm going to ask everyone of you but Sergeant Rhodes here to take sentry positions around this room and check anyone entering or leaving for unauthorized weapons or gear. Sergeant Rhodes and I will join the Trade Agents in training some of the new constables, but flag one of us down immediately if you notice anything suspicious. Any questions?"

He waited a few seconds, but he received no response from behind the veiled visors of the marines' helms. I'll take that as a good sign. With that, the admiral and the sergeant walked over to a trio of new constable recruits who had just been given their submachine guns...
GM Account

Objective 1: Let's get Down to Business
Tags: Highmoon Highmoon

Vaux Shook her head a little, looking at the pilot.

"No kid. Hologames don't count, but Skyhopper experience should help. Controls are similar to the X-wing's." She then ran her hand down the wings of the fighter, smirking a little. "Today hopefully you'll all at least have a grasp on flying, and I hope you're prepared, cause you seem to be the only pilot in the room. Which means when I'm done with my part, you'll have to continue with the training." Vaux may've taken a little too much joy in revealing this fact, but it seemed to be the truth. He was the only one with any flight experience.

"Now, I want to show all of you the inside of an X-wing cockpit, and begin getting you use to the idea of flying. Just flying. Leaderboard here can also start learning how an actually squadron works."

"Oh I know it works, there's much more dying," Jerrick quipped. "Lucky me, I guess I automatically shoot to the top here."

Squadrons was closer to a mil sim than an arcade shooter, so there had to be some value to using it. Sure enough, when he joined the Mandalorian looking down into an X-wing cockpit, the layout was just about the same as he was used to, but much more crude - this model was positively ancient. Like not ha ha a couple decades old but actually Hutt-I-Lived-To-See-The-Galactic-Civil-War Ancient. The configuration was much closer to his vintage Skyhopper which had probably been rebuilt from scraps at least a dozen times.

Would they have to fight the Bryn...in these?

"Oh yeah...lots of dying."

Vaux Gred Vaux Gred
Exasperated Knight

Objective 1

It was commendable that the people of Chokan wanted to take a stand and fight for themselves with the aid of the Jedi to help them help themselves rather than complete reliance on the Concord. Many of the people that stood before them were devoted, passionate about the cause and it was shone through in their enthusiasm and effort. There wasn't an overwhelming number of people but it was a start.

The Jedi worked with a small group of people on an area she was knowledgeable in: self-defence. She was not one for shooting or tactical planning but had been taught the most basic of defences to get by. Now, a fully fledged Jedi Knight, she was far more adept at fighting and defence but with the learners they had, they were starting from the beginning. However, they were quick learners and slowly grew in competence and confidence throughout the day.

"And that's how you disarm someone." She told the onlooking group while she held the wrist of one of the volunteers twisted behind his back. His face expressing discomfort, though the Jedi couldn't see.

The Knight released the man who returned to his place in the group. "Try with your partners. Take it in turns." She instructed them while keeping a watchful eye on them to correct any mistakes.

Vaux Gred

Concord Terror

Objective 1: Let's get Down to Business
Tag: Highmoon Highmoon

Vaux, looked over at Jerrick, noticing the look he was giving the X-Wing, then what he said. She shook her head, walking back over.

"Hey, Jerrick. don't underestimate old ships. There's a lot of centuries old ships that can still go toe to toe with todays fighters." She then patted the wing, and tossed a helmet at the other pilot. "Now come on. Time for your test flight, everyone else, keep studying the cockpit."
Cas Tynen Cas Tynen Yenna Yenna

Yula snorted as she put down the datapad. “Good thing we both know what we’re doing, then.”

Jedi were instructed in basic medical training, and life on the ‘rim had taught Yula how to patch up a wound in an emergency, and care for it afterwards. Nothing too fancy, just enough to keep you alive until you could make it to a medic or doctor.

“Uh huh,” She murmured, a knowing gesturing raising her eyebrows up and down. “I thought you were seeing someone.”

Yula shrugged in admission “I guess it would make sense for us to work together, seeing as how we’re both not healers.” Either they would help eachother, or they’d make twice the mistakes.

Moving on to the first person, she noted the readout on the med scanner. Thankfully, the newer ones made it easy and told you what was wrong with the patient without much scientific jargon. This one had dehydration and a fever.

“I guess we…is force hydration a thing?” Yula looked up to Cas. “Do you know how to start an IV?”

Ye Hyonu

Curry Bae

//: Ciana Teigra Ciana Teigra //:
//: Bogan's Wraith //:
Hyonu's face showed his surprise despite him severely wanting to hide it. Everything that Ciana said was on the money to work. As the woman spoke, his hand glided over the datapad he was holding. The notes he took were almost verbatim of everything she said, and he sent the notes to the team that was creating the serum at a record pace. Setting the datapad down, his hand went to his chin, his mind slowly falling into deep thought.

"We don't have enough stasis chambers either, and we're already low on Jedi healers." He sighed exasperatedly; as much as he hated to rely on the Force, it had come in handy when dealing with the virus. Jedi Healers were able to slow the metabolic system in an individual and put them in a coma-like state. While in this state, they could slow the rate the virus spread and killed the individual.

So many had already died, though, and Hyonu looked at his hand. "With so many dead Ciana, we figured patient zero was already among them. With how fast people were dying, we needed to focus on slowing down the spread." Looking up at her, Hyonu's eyes widened. "Wait, you want to go out there? What do you mean? We have teams working on administering?! We're supposed to stay inside and keep working." Pushing off of his desk, he walked to her, waving his hands in front of him. "If something happened to either of us -" Hyonu cut himself off; he couldn't express what he wanted to say. The words were lost on him, but his face said everything - with as red as it was.

"Fine." He turned away from her and disappeared behind a few screens. After a few minutes of chaos, the man emerged, covered head to toe in a white jumpsuit. A hood was drawn up over his immaculately styled hair and a face mask over the exposed area. In his hands, he held his own medical kit and another suit for the woman.

"Here, at least wear this. I-don-can't have you getting sick as well."
Motor Mouth

Objective 2 - Bogan's Wraith
Yula Perl Yula Perl

Yep, his little verbal error didn't go unnoticed. He rolled his eyes at her teasing and nodded profusely "Oh, yeah, yeah. I'm definitley seeing someone currently." he lied, the elevation in the pitch of his voice indicated so as well. Yula's shrug of admission prompted a sly smirk from Cas "Try not to sound too excited or anything." he said sarcastically, hoping to turn the tables on her.

Cas followed Yula to their first patient, to be frank, he still had no idea how to go about this. Even basic first aid wasn't a strong suit of his, with all of the frequent injuries he amassed as a Jedi, Cas just doped himself up on Stimpaks to carry on. Disappointedly, he shook his head at the Zeltron's question about "Force hydration", and if it were actually a thing he knew nothing about it.

"Of course not." he answered, starting up an IV was something he never had to do before. Though, there was no better time to learn than the present. Yula seemed to have more knowledge of medical care than he did though at least, despite her not being a qualified healer but judging by her expression she was clueless about the IV too "Good thing we can figure this out together, huh?" the Kiffar nervously smiled.


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Tom Vales read the message prepared by his boss Ars Vami and shook his head in disagreement.
“Boss are you sure you want to send him? I do not agree".
I am the boss and there are times when the only opinion that matters is mine was the simple answer.
We'll also see if the Hutts are involved in the matter or maybe show up to kick rivals.
To His Excellency Broka Mogul of the Hutt Republic:
Based on the bilateral agreements between SJC and the Republic, we inform you that a substantial police operation could take place along your borders, involving forces belonging to Admiral Quee's battle group and an autonomous group belonging to the interstellar-safety-services for thwart a wide range of illegal operations by the Xinyan union.
We only ask the Republican forces to refrain from interventions.
Yours sincerely Ars Vami.

Gir Quee Gir Quee

Broka the Hutt