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Greivex Construction Hive (G.C.H)



(Company's Symbol)

  • Corporation Name: Greivex Construction Hive
  • Headquarters: Geonosis
  • Locations: Geonosis and Dathomir
  • Operations: Specializes in making Cybernetically Enhanced Bio-Experiments used similarly to Droids.
  • Tier: Teir 2

The Greivex Construction Hive was established roughly 10 years ago under a different name, the 'Great Geonosis Construction Hive', a large company which aimed at buying out all other corporations on Geonosis and to bring it under economic prosperity once again, a major player in galactic economics. The Geonosian leader at the time spent much of the company's resources on something that Geonosians hadn't truely dabbled in before and what he hoped would bring more interest for from off world sources, computer chips and wiring. Although for the first few months the Geonosis based company did begin to rack up a profit, it's competitors quickly overcame them and left the G.G.C.H. in the dust.

Two Years later, the new CEO of the Company decided to go back to the roots of Geonosian engineering pride, Droids. As soon as they released a new model of the Super Battle Droid, the B4, almost identical to the last except with slightly better armor, their profits exploded. Small wars on distant planets, fueled by rich nobility or peace-seeking rebels came flocking to the G.G.C.H. for this new droid type to help wane the war in their favor. However their new CEO got greedy, selling factories and land out to smaller companies until they didn't have enough man-power to suit demands leading to a quick plunge in profits and after another 6 years, bankruptcy.

Following this bankruptcy, the company sold out to a larger company becoming the 'Lesser Geonosis Construction Hive'. Although they still built droids, they were reduced to building cheaper models as the B4 was now obsolete as technology advanced. They were given assignments and fulfilled them dutifully. It was, however, during this time that a new CEO was appointed to the company, a stranger and for the first time in the company's history, a non-geonosian, Veryiana Greivex. She had connections to the parent-company, and had used them to gain control of the crumbling remains of the L.G.C.H. and through her guidance the company was slowly brought back to prosperity by using a new innovations of "bio-droids". The creatures, genetically altered by the native species of Geonosis like the Aklay were grown in specialized pods almost for free, and then cybernetically enhanced until they became nothing but a husk of flesh, bone, and steel, then were sold at incredibly high prices to desperate bidders looking for a war-hound or for special orders, such as pets.

After a year of this new CEO's reign, the company finally once more earned it's independence, becoming the Greivex Construction Hive. And Verviana systematically bought out or killed any other share-holders in the company until she was soul-owner. With this new almost imperial power within the company's holdings, she bolstered production and soon bought a large plot of land on Dathomir, interested in the planet's local wild life, such as the Rancor. She also altered the one Geonosian symbol to a symbol of her own design. And over the next year slowly worked on expansion on the planet, and now on the modern day, she has plans.. great plans.


Due to the economic situation of the Construction Hive a few years ago, it was temporarily owned by a different company which has since become obsolete. The CEO of the company had read some interesting articles sent in by a miss Verviana Greivex and employed her to see if her theories could come true. Upon finding that one of her creations could best some of the more cheaper drones almost without getting hurt in the great arena on Geonosis, she was promptly hired full time and put in charge of the construction hive upon her own demand. And a year after that, Verviana bought the company's independence due to the parent company coming on hard economic times. She then spent the next few months buying out or slaying any other share holder within the company's elite until she became soul owner, and thus, is still soul owner today.


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