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Approved Species Greater Calama

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Velok the Younger

When I Was A Young Warthog

Name: Greater Calama

Designation: Non-sentient
Homeworld: Unknown; found on several worlds with Sith history, especially worlds formerly ruled by the modern Sith Empire.
Language: None
Average height of adults: 6m
Skin color: Red, black
Hair color: None
Breathes: Type I

Strengths: The Greater Calama’s Force-attunement manifests itself as a powerful healing factor and as an unappetizing or distracting aura. These abilities gain in potency as the snails age. Sith able to pass through the aura have been known to build mobile homes or laboratories inside the Calama's shell or on top of it. The Calama is immune to salt. The Calama is utterly fireproof, designed to survive in volcanically active settings. It takes in stone or even lava and excretes it as a highly durable shell, the Calama's main 'use' to a Sith Lord. The shell itself is as hard as Hijarna stone. It is very difficult to re-work without sustained application of a lightsabre, and a great deal of patience.
Weaknesses: The Greater Calama is extremely slow. Its skin, while tough and thick, is no more lightsabre-resistant than durasteel. The Greater Calama is rarely aware of its surroundings in any meaningful way, and is exceptionally stupid.
Distinctions: Greater Calama are somewhat common on Sith worlds, both as food sources for the larger predators and as implacable predators themselves. The Greater Calama continues to grow throughout its life. Truly massive specimens are not uncommon, and with sufficient nutrients and stone available the Greater Calama can rival larger Sithspawn such as the terentatek and the Leviathans of Corbos, at least as far as mass goes.
Average Lifespan: 300
Races: None
Diet: Omnivorous. The Greater Calama consumes whatever is slow enough to be caught by what is effectively a mobile hill. Its tongue, like that of a normal snail, is slow, huge, and covered in hundreds of thousands of tiny ‘teeth.’ Being licked by a Greater Calama is like being sandblasted, but a little alacrity can avoid that circumstance. The Greater Calama is also, like the tuk’ata, a Forcivore capable of surviving long periods of time by subsisting on the Force alone.

Communication: It’s a snail.

Culture: It’s a snail.

Technology level: It’s a snail.

General behavior: It’s a snail.

History: The Greater Calama is, admittedly, one of history's least impressive productions of Sith Alchemy. Its creator is unknown, as is the era of its origin. Judging by the relatively early age at which it reaches maturity, it may be a recent creation. Secretly, it was a very early testbed for the alchemical experiments which produced the Akure Leviathan. It was created by Velok over a hundred and fifty years ago.

Notable Player-Characters: None
Intent: To flesh out the aftereffects of the Sith Empire’s collapse. To help provide plot points and background details for factions who wish to operate in former SE territory.
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