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Thane Drexel

Drinking While Flying
A sublight row of markers guided the Benefactor to his goal. In line with the rest of his men, his best soldier had been placed in charge of the Raid on Makeb, Oddball. Locked into his Revenant armor, Thane held fast to his Whistler launcher. His Geo-Pistols were strapped to his hips and one Ambassador lay in the crook of his back. The five other men and women around him knew the risk, and the reward. The shuttle shook slightly as they approached the atmosphere. They had been dropped off outside the system and have been moving in since the Sun rose over Makeb.

ISO-5 lay bellow in stockpiles in old mines left from decades of digging and a few years of misuse by the disgraced Red Raven faction. That compound would prove invaluable to the Rebels and as Benefactor, it was Thane's job to provide.

As for Makeb, it was a planet that knew Thane well. He had been here at the Fall of the Ravens and Massacre of Makeb. Droves of civilians were slaughtered to keep the Rebels pinned but the mission was a success either way. By way of galactic debunking on Thane's part and the combined military efforts of the Ravens and Sith to destroy their own reputation in the eyes of the people they swore to protect.

Here and now, the Return to Makeb would prove to be a difficult task with the Rebels rivals, the Techno Union, in charge.

"Sound off Rebels, code names only! Wild Turkey, Check!"

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Champion of the Light
"Copy that." he said simply. "What kind of resistance should we expect?" Varius wanted to make sure he does nothing wrong, who knows what could the enemy bring on the field, a failure from his part could result in the death of his friends and thatw as to be avoided at all costs. He made sure that his lightsabers are in place and hoped he didn't forget anything, now he wasn;t as paranoid as someone he knew, he ddn't need to have thounsands of weapons with him for who knows what situations neither some strange tricks, yet he had his force and that was kind of enough for the moment.. as long as there weren't the many... Many things that actually could... stop him... Well he had to be optimist though.

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There she was in her spot getting ready to make a trip to the planet side, she came a long ways since she first join up with the Rebels. Even then she had to prove to them she was worthy of being one of them. Even know this being her first really mission and combat with them. Having something to prove was that it yep it had to be. Even then she had to make sure all her gear that she was going with was cheek. After all even those she was a good shoot with the long rifle her special laid with the being a combat medic which she was taking more advance class then she had every did before.

"Strip Cheeking in, all gear is good to go, Sir."

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Malcom Renolds

Active Member
Clicking into his comm, Malcom sounded off while petting his hunting dog Urz. "Maverick, good to go." As the Mando readied his weapons, he thought about the purpose for his even being here. Normally he wouldn't give to thoughts to Makeb. It was far from his people's territory and problems. But it held something quite rare and valuable if it found it's way into the right hands. His brother 'Ice' had been pestering him to retrieve some of the valuable resource for weeks. When a call came in about his rebel friends heading their for it, Malcom couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Casually he looked around the bay to his fellow raiders. This was going to be an interesting fight. He could feel it.

Weapons: Hyperion Combat Armor: Advanced, Hyperion Combat Power Pack, Mun'Beviin Anti-Materiel Rifle, Mun'Beviin Anti Material Rifle attachments - High powered scope, bipod, and supressor, Co-Tamp Hunting Hound, Sheer Silence Device, No-Show, Ysalamir in a nutrient sling, 3 thermal detonators, a knife, and two blaster pistols.

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Corvetta Salvo

Always Crankin'
Makeb's Talaos City was interesting enough. At least it had some decent alcohol, though one could tell the place was only a ghost of some former establishment. Apparently the capital had a completely new layout since the monster known as Dredge had leveled the entire thing years ago. The rebuilding of Talaos City left much to be desired (Though, granted, it was not completed yet and would look much better in years to come.) but the aesthetics had a quaint charm to them.

Corvetta did not mind hanging out here for the time being. The only thing she was worried about was when she would get the call to bail the team out--wherever they were. The smuggler had not really been educated on what exactly the Rebels were doing, but she had her ship here and she would be on this job like a old lady over her grandchildren as soon as she got the call. But, for now, she was simply taking a casual stroll in her maroon pilot's coat, tracing around the perimeter of the spaceport and watching another sunrise on yet another world. This was part of what made her occupation so special. Adventure.

And probably a lot of violence later on in the day. Definitely not what she was looking forward to...


This is what happens when you tap the glass
Oddball sat back in his seat wearing his Katarn class commando armor waiting for the ship to hit LZ. Draped over his body was a poncho made of Terentatek hide covering and concealing his armor, on his lap he kept his pulse rifle close to him along with other various bits and bobbles strapped to his chest that would help them out in a tricky situation.

"Dread Head standing by." He said with a stern voice as his robotic arm loaded a magazine of Sith Killers into the well of his rifle.

He was set and prepared for battle, the benefactor was here so unless the man gave Oddball control of the ground game he was going to sit back and take orders like a good soldier. However this drop was different, for once he felt afraid. Afraid that he might not see Jewel again, and the fact that he actually began to form some semblance of emotion and care for someone else had him thinning that could his relationship to her be effecting his capabilities as a soldier? Regardless of what was happening Oddball just needed this operation to be a go.

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Laira Darkhold

Jedi Princess

Makeb was a worthless arid world. It was true it held the only reserves of pure, naturally occuring Isotope-5, but that supply had begun to run dry. Already the Techno Union had closed several mining operations and ArmaTech had begun siphoning resources to other projects. It was now more cost efficient to artificially produce Isotope-5 rendering the planet strategically worthless. It was no gateway world, not a powerful world, and not a fortress world. In the end, it was an arid world of mesas and plateaus, and other than an amazing view, the planet was a dead end as far as I was concerned.

And yet I had come to the barren world. [member="Tmoxin Temi"] had requested my presence for some odd reason or another, and so I had come, if for nothing else I had come for some form of blind loyalty to the Hapan woman. She was no doubt up to some scheme in which she required Isotope-5, or other resources, or perhaps she just wanted to do something outside the watchful eyes of the rest of the Executive Council. For everything I was, I was not a bureaucrat. I held more loyalty to the personal relationships I had garnered than any business or government loyalty.

I could feel the looming threat, like a dull ache at the base of my mind. Not a true threat, nothing of significance, but certainly people that intended to do harm or destruction regardless of their capabilities.

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Sage Bane

Gazing into the abyss
Sage Bane never quite understood the appeal of his brother’s old stomping ground. Makeb’s ubiquitous mesas made it impossible to get around the planet efficiently, and half of the population had some sort of incurable disease from all the Isotope 5 mining. Was there even Isotope 5 left on the planet? Force only knew. Word in the sector was that the mines had run dry since the Netherworld.

Since the planet was hardly in its meridian, it was unsurprising that insurgents were able to land dirtside with relative ease. Before the Techno Union claimed the planet, the world had been run by the Red Raven criminal syndicate. When the crime syndicate fell into chaos, so did Makeb. Still, what was left of the the planet’s dwindling Isotope 5 cache was still guarded by ArmaTech, and as the Techo Union were still allies with the One Sith, it fell on the Hand of the Dark Lord, to help protect that cache from attack. The alliance had come under some scrutiny lately, due to one of their Knights turning on TU armies on Naboo. So when the call came over his commlink to mobilize forces on Makeb, the Sith sorcerer had his crew plot a course to the planet. With this act, Sage hoped that The Techno Union and One Sith’s alliance would be further strengthened.

Once the Wyyrlok-class Star Destroyer shimmered out of hyperspace, the Laughing Dead birthed a dropship that carried the Sith Lord and his guarlara mount, Nightbrother, to the surface. Sage wore his hand-crafted, Sith-Alchemized Dark Armor, and carried his lightsaber on his hip, as well as a chitin carbine slung over his shoulder, his wriggling amphistaff arm hidden for now.

The stars were bright streaks of light in the inky blackness of space as they descended, Sage meditating on the Dark Side, his blood beating with the sound of a what he hoped was a Rebel Alliance reckoning. While the true identity of the attackers was still unknown, Makeb had always been a juicy target for the terrorists. Call it a hunch, but Sage had a feeling they would be dealing with the same rabble here, and if so, he would paint the mesas red with the blood of those who tried to annihilate the Sith temples on Coruscant. Sage would gladly slay every last one of the Rebels, not only for Makeb and the Techno Union, but for Coruscant herself.

And of course, for Dave. #neverforget.


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Keira Priest

The Iron
As a former Red Raven, Makeb was a planet familiar to Keira, if just in name alone. In years previous it had been unceremoniously massacred by the Vong before being seemingly abandoned to the void of space. That was the last she had heard of it until now. This time instead of working for a criminal syndicate she had affiliated herself with the same group responsible for the very first attacks, the Rebel Alliance. It was a change of pace, change of names and a change of a lifestyle all wrapped up in one convenient package. Right now that consisted of bringing the fight to the Sith and Techno Union, two groups she had fought alongside before and was now doing her best to bring down.

Mottled blue and amber eyes looked over those assembled from her seated position among the ragtag strike team. Each was busy with their own private meditation on what was to come, and so she turned her attention inwards as well, doing her best to ignore the foreign weight of the armor she wore. Her senses were extended outwards as she attempted a makeshift trance of sorts that allowed her to center herself. Slowly her eyes opened at the call for their sound off, and she shifted in her seat as the others chimed in. Double-checking that her lightsaber was clipped at her waist she added her own voice into things, "Let's go kill them already."

Tmoxin Temi

Blood Monarch
Now that the Hutt Cartel was going to be a little closer to TU space, Tmoxin Temi took it upon herself to inspect most of the security at high value targets such as banks, garrisons, government buildings and resource centers. Therefore she was on Makeb, reviewing the procedures at Stronghold One and other mining areas. She had called upon [member="Draco Vereen"] to accompany her. Perhaps if they had time they could visit the Sanctaury Research Complex where she would be able to make a connection with her own fledgling Monarch Research Labs which were still in the planning stage.

Makeb was safe around the Techno Union posts but there were still natural dangers like Exoboars and Subteroths. The Hapan executive wore her combat armor and boots which were specially made for her by Commander Vereen.

The fortress of Stronghold One had the largest stockpiles of Isotope-5 but smaller troves could be found scattered around the mines and across various caves and mesas. None of them would really be untouched since the Red Ravens had been mining the planet for quite a while now, but they had imploded, gone bankrupt and left no trace.

“Commander Vereen, I’m going to check that these Isotope-5 droids are still operational,” Tmoxin said, more just talking aloud. She was stationed on Makeb with the Ravens before and she knew how powerful those droids were. If one went missing and ended up on Lok, would anyone really miss it?

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Thane Drexel

Drinking While Flying
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"All lights green, we are on final approach, Oddball, you're on point, we get in, get the goods, leave a surprise if we can, and get out. The longer we stay, the more likely our Union friends will be able to cut us off from our departure time. Ladies and Gents, let's rock and roll."

The shuttle rattled as they broke atmos, coming with the guidance of the last trip the Rebels took here. Once on the ground, in Talaos City. Thane secured a transport speeder under a false bounty hunter name, Vareen. He made sure to get the extra insurance on the vehicle and to leave it on a tab to be collected at the end of the day.

With Thane behind the stick, the Rebel team was about 10 minutes out from the old abandoned mines to the south west of the City. The Ravens didn't exactly hide their mines well nor did they plan on leaving them so soon. It was sure to hold at least a few caches of ISO-5. Thane was focus and with his team ready, they'd be at the first site soon.

Judah Lesan

Xander was on Makeb for one reason. He had not learned to say no to [member="Tmoxin Temi"]. While they were only good friends, Xander had found himself emotionally attatched to the woman in a way he had never been to another. That was the problem. His vision of the future where he was looking for someone, if that someone was a lover, he did not want that to be Tmoxin. Call it crazy, but not making her his lover was an act of love itself, from the Sith who knew nothing of love.

The planet was not agreeable to him. His battle armaments were fine however. The leather breastplate which was the only thing to cover his torso had been his favorite. Xander always hunted in it, and today they were hunting for something the Techno Union needed. The man was somewhat of a anigma compared to how the others dressed for battle. The days where technology did not rule the battlefield, Xander longed for those once more. No tech would stop him. He was smarter than some toy.

[member="Sage Bane"] and [member="Draco Vereen"] were there as well. A recent meeting with them had gone well, and Xander had nearly killed a man in front of them all. The insults had been pressed deep, and had Tmoxin not been there, Xander would have killed him.

"I suppose I'll cover someone's backside. Namely the one which is prettiest to look at."

Kyber Salurra

Scrapyard Savant
Kyber's Repair shop was doing well in its own right, growing slowly yet surely, but there were times when business was slow and Kyber felt the need to sate his explorative side. After perusing the holonet for something to do in TU space --that didn't involve murder-- he happened upon a request for extra security at one of the places the TU were stockpiling Iso-5, 'Stronghold One'. Kyber being the gearhead he is, he figured he'd take the job in the hopes of getting a peak at the fabled isotope... or at least go to Plan B and see if he could get drunk enough to chase some local tail. He'd never been to Makeb before and Kyber was a little excited to see the landscape, too. He'd glanced at holo's of the mind-boggling terrain before, but he knew he'd never be satisfied with just that. So, Kyber took the job and decided he wouldn't leave until he'd climbed the tallest plateau he could find and get a good view of a nice canyon or something.

Kyber arrived in a small spaceport a few klicks away from the place he was supposed to be working at, wanting to let his old beaut' out of her cage. The faux-mando got ready with his normal light armor and all his normal bounty hunting equipment before breaking his BARC Speeder he personally refurbished out of her cage. He rode it out to the place, taking in as much scenery as possible before he arrived at the jobsite. When he did arrive he talked with the gate's security, making sure he was in fact in the right place before parking his old beaut' near the entrance. He felt it veered just slightly to the left when it hit cruising speed, so he made a quick note to himself to stop by the local junkyard before he went off-planet as he strode casually into the facility. He didn't know exactly where he'd get assigned or if he'd even get to see any Iso-5, but he remained hopeful for the time being, and hey, even if he didn't get his chance, he still had Plan B.

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