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Approved Tech Gorger

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  • Manufacturer: Vanessa Vantai
  • Affiliation: Vanessa Vantai
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Alchemized Star Forge Metal, Terentatek hide, adegan crystal
  • Classification: Two-Handed Sword
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Resistant against lightsabers thanks to the alchemical creation of the weapon
  • Forms a link with a wounded target, taking a fragment of their soul
  • Syphons the souls of those slain with the weapon
  • Functions as a conduit for Dark Side magic
  • Gorger​ is resistant to lightsabers, as is any Sith Sword.
  • Gorger​, as its name implies, feasts upon the souls of its enemies. A sliver of an enemy's soul may be taken from a cut or slash, but death ensures the entirety of their spirit is trapped within the weapon, ready to be used as fuel for its wielder.
  • Gorger​, being a Dark Side artifact, is vulnerable to Force Light as well as other similar techniques.
  • Gorger​ is heavier than a lightsaber, resulting in a less maneuverable weapon.
Gorger​ is the result of several months worth of alchemical processes. The initial blank of the weapon was created from metal taken from the wreckage of the Star Forge, a powerful Dark Side artifact in its own right. The metal was then submerged within a cubic vat containing a mixture of Sith Poison, of the blood of several Jedi, and of various alchemical fluids - remaining there for over half a standard year as Vanessa continued about her business. Weekly, either by Vanessa or by one of her associates, basic stimulating rituals to encourage the blade to fill itself with the Dark Side would be enacted. After it was deemed necessary, Vanessa poured some of her own power into the weapon, extricating it from the boiling brew and letting the blank cool. The edges of the weapon were ground with svolten rhyolite, resulting in a near-monomolecular edge. The grip was wrapped with charred terentatek hide, fitted to the weapon by Vanessa herself. Small, hand-cut adegan crystals were placed above and below the grip in question.

Gorger's​ intent was to serve as a focus for Vanessa's prodigious powers in Sith magic and sorcery first, and a weapon second. While potent as a Sith Sword, even capable of syphoning the spirit of slain enemies and further empowering the sword itself with them, it is a heavy weapon, one Vanessa is not particularly supportive of utilizing in a combat role. Vanessa merely wished to have such a weapon available in the event that it was required to prevent an enemy from escaping.

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Since this is heavily steeped in the darkside Ill need you to add the weakness of being vulnerable to force light and similar techniques/weapons.
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